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Community leadership program

What is the Community Leadership Program?

The Community Leadership Program aims to create community capacity building in the City of Marion.

The Community Leadership Program gives participants the skills and confidence to develop their own community project and to motivate and encourage others to assume leadership roles in the community.

The program is a combination of interactive workshops and offsite project work, working with council staff and community mentors.


We seek applications for the Community Leadership Program from individuals of varying backgrounds, experience, gender and age that are:

  • Community volunteers
  • Members of community groups and organisations who are interested in developing their local community
  • Individuals who are prepared and able to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program


There is no cost to participate in the program, however participants will be required to organise their own transport to and from venues as well as childcare, if applicable.


The program requires participants to commit to approximately 3 contact hours per week over a thirteen (13) week period.

These sessions are run once a week, however participants will be expected to work, where necessary, in their own time.

Note: there will be some weeks off during the program.

Program overview

The City of Marion's Community Leadership Program is an opportunity for participants to develop leadership skills as well as contribute to improving the community. The program is made up of interactive workshops, working with council staff and community mentors.

Areas of learning include:

  • Communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Personality mapping
  • Project management skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Grant writing skills
  • Risk management skills
  • Community leadership
  • Marketing skills

Participants will have the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised TAFE SA Community Services qualification.

A certificate from the City of Marion will be provided upon completion of the course.

Success stories

  • Many participants state they will stay involved in their project and would seek opportunities to lead future events within the City of Marion
  • After developing a better understanding of Local Government structures and decision making processes, one participant was keen to explore the steps to becoming a Local Government Councillor
  • A number of participants reported increased confidence and self-esteem which has translated into improved outcomes in the workplace
  • Most participants reported improvement and added confidence in their ability to make a presentation to an audience