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Apply to join the Youth Collective Committee

What is the Youth Collective Committee?

The Youth Collective Committee (YCC) is the representative body for young people in the City of Marion. The vision for this youth led committee is for them to work with teams and departments across council on issues, topics and concerns that are important to all young people. The YCC engage in opportunities/projects that arise around the top issues affecting young people, these areas include, mental health, the environment, arts and music, education, inclusion, technology, safety, and youth specific events.

Who is eligible to Apply?

If you’re a young person aged 12 - 25 living or connected to the City of Marion and passionate about local issues and want to make a difference to your community we encourage you to apply. The YCC is a volunteer opportunity open to all young people. If you need any support during the application process, please get in contact via

What opportunities will I gain by being a part of the YCC?

  • Be a part of a Youth Led Committee and create the opportunities you want to see for young people in your community
  • Have a voice on the issues that matter to you
  • Opportunities to upskill and receive training as we progress
  • Have input into your community
  • Attend council meetings and learn how local government works and makes decisions
  • Plan and run events and projects for young people
  • Create and plan your own events for young people
  • Be a part of an inclusive team

What does it look like to be on the YCC?

There are so many exciting and meaningful things to do as a member of the Youth Committee and it's guided by your passion!

Passionate about social media and content creation? - Run our Instagram with over 1000 followers!

Passionate about politics and youth representation? - Participate in and LEAD consultation to create the change you want to see!

Passionate about music and youth events? - Come up with an idea and purpose and you'll be supported to make it happen! Like our Battle of the Bands, or Skate events, or Inclusive events all initiated by, organised by and delivered by the YCC

"I love being on the YCC, this season of the YCC has shown such an immense innovative outlook, identifying key areas for growth within the community, and presenting practical proven solutions.” - YCC Chair

“My first season at the YCC has been far more incredible than I had first anticipated. This year I have learnt a lot this year, such as leadership, organisation and a lot more but the best, is how amazing and strong our community is. I am very lucky to be a part of this year's talented group of the YCC." - YCC Vice Chair

"I was so surprised by how fun and meaningful it was going to be. We don't just have meetings and help plan events, we actually get to decide what we want to and see and then it happens" - YCC Member

Key Dates

Applications Open – 31/10/2024
Applications Close – 30/11/2024
Applicants will be contacted after close