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Urban Tree Warriors

Each year, over 4000 new trees are being planted throughout the City of Marion area, cooling, greening and beautifying our streets. To ensure the best possible chance for new street trees to flourish, we are inviting you to help the new plantings establish and develop into trees that will benefit your whole street as well as the wider community.

We have over 40 Urban Tree Warrior volunteers, helping to improve not only the look of the local street trees, but giving the trees a chance to thrive.

Currently, the Urban Tree Warrior volunteer program is full.

Interested in volunteering? Visit Current Volunteer Vacancies | City of Marion for other opportunities.


What tools will I need to enrol as a volunteer?

You will not be required to provide any of the tools yourself. Depending on the duties you wish to volunteer for, Council will provide the relevant equipment. This may include a pruning saw, secateurs, watering buckets or a staple gun and hessian tie.

What duties can I volunteer for?

We are looking for volunteers to help with the formative pruning of young trees, sucker removal on young and mature trees, re-tying new plantings to stakes either due to damage or new growth, watering of newly planted trees and weeding/litter removal from water bowls. Volunteers can enrol in any or all of the above.

How much time am I required to commit to volunteering?

Volunteers can commit as little or as much time as they like. Volunteers may look after the trees in front of their properties, maintain trees along their street, or help manage trees across their entire suburb.

What do I do with the cuttings/waste material?

If cuttings are minimal and from a young tree which still has a watering bowl, the cuttings can be diced up and left in the bowl for decomposition. If the cuttings are larger and from a mature tree, then they can be left in piles ready for collection. Just contact the UTW coordinator who will arrange for them to be picked up.

I have not pruned trees before, but I am interested in volunteering. Will someone be able to show me how to correctly prune a tree?

Advice can be sought from our Urban Arboriculture Officer who will be coordinating the volunteer program. Our Arboriculture Officer will also conduct inductions with each volunteer prior to the handover of equipment.

How will people know I am a volunteer?

Upon enrolment, you will be given a City of Marion Hi-vis vest and an Urban Tree Warriors broad rim hat so that people can identify the group and the work that is being done.