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Ice Rink

An unsolicited proposal from a group of private investors to build an international standard ice rink and rock-climbing facility in Marion has been endorsed by the City of Marion.

Ice Rinks Adelaide and the Pelligra Group want to build the $20 million venture on a 10,000sqm site at 262a Sturt Road that they plan to lease from council for 42 years.

The site is owned by council and is classified as 'Community Land'. The status of Community Land is not being changed, however, to allow the site to be leased on agreed commercial terms, a Community Land Management Plan was developed. The Community Land Management Plan went through a public consultation process and was approved 28 June 2022.

The decision for Council to enter into a lease was also put through a community consultation process with the results available on the Marion Ice Rink - Making Marion page.

Council is in the process of negotiating lease terms with the developer.

The proposal still needs to go through formal planning processes.

The proposal includes:

  • An international standard ice rink (single sheet)
  • 350-450 spectator capacity
  • Pro shop
  • Sport Climbing – international competition rock climbing walls
  • Recreational rock climbing and bouldering
  • Themed rock-climbing walls for children
  • Children’s play café
  • Kiosk/restaurant

How much would this proposal cost Council?

This proposal involves no capital investment from the Council. The developers would pay rent over the term of the lease and offer discounts for City of Marion residents who use the facility. Note: This venture is smaller in scale than an original two-rink proposal put to Council back in 2018. The terms of the lease remain commercial-in-confidence at this early stage.

When will construction begin if the consultation is successful?

The developer is currently reviewing and finalising the concept design plans. Any development will require Development Approval, which among other things would include satisfactory traffic and parking solutions. If the proposal is formally signed off, work on the facility is envisaged to start mid 2023. In agreeing to consider the lease, Council has resolved to prohibit traffic movements from 262a Sturt Road to Shelley Avenue or Christina Street.

What is the proposed site currently used for?

The site is currently used by the Marion Croquet Club. Members have been informed of the decision. The club does not currently have a lease agreement with Council.


Ice Rink Concept Image