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Telecommunications infrastructure in new developments

Developers are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure in their developments. To provide this infrastructure, you need to contract a carrier to install telecommunications infrastructure in your new development.

Developers can choose any carrier to service their development. If they don’t choose another carrier:

  • nbn is the Infrastructure Provider of Last Resort for larger developments (100 lots or more) and for all developments in areas where nbn is rolling out.
  • Telstra is the Infrastructure Provider of Last Resort for smaller developments (less than 100 lots), until the nbn rolls out in the area

You can view the nbn™ roll out map.

Developers are asked to apply at least 6 months before the required date of service, to ensure a connection is ready when residents move in.

If you have a new or recently approved development application please visit nbn website to register your development and ensure it is nbn™ ready.