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Marion Cultural Centre Plaza


The MCC Plaza is defined as the public realm surrounded by Marion Cultural Centre (MCC) to the east, South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC), Centrelink and GP Plus to the west. Located to the south is Westfield with pedestrian and vehicle connections along Warracowie Way and Milham Street.

The MCC Plaza vision and objectives endorsed for community engagement is as follows.

Landscape Master Plan 2

Artist's Impression - MCC Plaza streetscape photomontage

1. Vision

The Marion Cultural Centre (MCC) Plaza provides an opportunity to create an active public realm that enhances the Regional Centre as a destination, supporting community activities, social engagement and the visitor economy.

To enhance activity, amenity and accessibility to and within the precinct the following design principles were considered in the concept plans:

  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, amenity and safety through the subject area for linkages between the local residential areas, the Oaklands Station, MCC, SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC) and Westfield and other facilities on Milham Street.
  • Development of a plaza that can be utilised for community events and provide improved amenity for community use between the MCC and the SAALC with due consideration of events planning requirements.
  • Retention of vehicle access to existing business and community facilities within Milham Street, whilst minimising traffic volumes.

The proposed development builds on Council’s $5 million investment in the area which includes the recent development of Dwyer Rd Reserve and streetscape improvements that enhance community connections to public transport and the regional centre.

Further details on the concept plans (below), and the community engagement process can be viewed on our Making Marion website.

Landscape Master Plan 1

Artist's Impression - MCC Plaza after views across the plaza


2013 Master plan review

2019-20 (complete)

Council report

23 June 2020 (complete)

Engagement with Key Stakeholders

2020-21 (ongoing)

Council report
- Concept plans endorsed for consultation

13 July 2021 (complete)

Community consultation concept plans

August- October 2021 (complete)

Council report
- Review concept plans and consultation report

26 October 2021 (deferred to Asset Sustainability Committee in February 2022) (complete)

Asset Sustainability Committee

February 2022 (complete)

Council report
- Endorse concept plans

April 2022 (complete)

Council report

- Resolved to change design to a two-way road for Warracowie Way.

November 2022 (complete)

Council Report

- Council resolved plans for Two Way Road and vehicle access to Westfield.

June 2023 (complete)

Detail Design and Procurement

June 2023 - December 2023

ConstructionDecember 2023 - June / July 2024