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The City of Marion is the first South Australian council to join the CoastSnap community beach monitoring initiative.

This means when you visit Hallett Cove or Marino, you can join thousands of others visiting Australian coastlines to help measure how our beaches erode and recover over time due to changing ocean conditions.

Visit any one of our five CoastSnap stations to measure the shoreline and amount of sand on the beach by scanning the QR code on the cradle and taking a photo with your smartphone and sharing it via the CoastSnap website, CoastSnap app or social media. coastsnap

Your snap will add to a community database which can help to improve how we manage treasured coastal environments.

How does CoastSnap work?

CoastSnap relies on repeat photos at the same location to track how the coast is changing over time due to processes such as storms, rising sea levels, human activities and other factors.

Using a specialised technique known as photogrammetry, CoastSnap turns your photos into valuable coastal data that is used by coastal scientists to understand and forecast how coastlines might change in the coming decades.

Photogrammetry enables the position of the coastline to be pinpointed from your snaps to an accuracy similar to that of professional coastal survey teams. All we ask is that you take the photos at the same location and record the precise photo time in the App.

The more photos we have of a particular site, the better our understanding becomes of how that coastline is changing over time.

Council's approach to coastal monitoring and planning aims to promote awareness of coastal hazards and risks and supports collaborative decision making around management options. See our Coastal Management page for further information.

CoastSnap locations

See the map below featuring the sites within the City of Marion and images submitted by your community so far.