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Wildlife friendly gardens

If you have a front or back yard then you can create a garden that provides habitat for native animals such as butterflies, birds, frogs and lizards.

Gardening is a great pastime and can help to keep you active and healthy.

If you follow some basic principles it can also be good for the local wildlife by providing shelter, breeding sites and food throughout the year. Using local native plants will also make your garden drought tolerant and save water.

Check out the guides below to determine what species suit your area!

Plant Selector +

Choose the right plants for the right places, including Australian native and exotic species. Plants are carefully screened to suit the soils and other conditions of the areas for which they are recommended.

Flora for Fauna

Design your garden based on whether you want to attract specific animals such as butterflies or birds, or on the plant types. The website and downloadable guides below will help you to select the right sort of plants for your area, assist you to design your garden, and provide a list of nurseries to purchase the plants from.