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Marion Historic Village

The Marion Historic Village is the historic heart of Marion.

Local people are proud of its friendly community and unique history. For many years, locals affectionately knew the area as ‘The Marion’.

The Marion Historic Village Walk takes you on an historical journey around the original Marion village area. The walk includes historic sites such as Light Square, Annie Doolan’s Cottage, Laurel Cottage, the Old Marion Inn and Threadgold’s Birthing

Did you know?

On the Marion Historic Village Heritage Walk, each historic site has a tiled marker with a two-tone concrete ‘survey line’ crossing the footpath. The survey lines refer to the laying out of the Village of Marion by Light, Finniss & Co.

Community art in the village

Working with project artists Irene Dougan and Cheryl Dean, from Beachroad Artworks Inc, the community has created a ceramic tile 'Hopscotch' artwork for George Street Reserve and four tiled benches for Light Square.

Discover community and street art including our gateway to Marion Village and the other Little Marion sculptures.

The sculptures were created by Gerry McMahon and are based on local resident Margaret Western’s recollections and stories of growing up in the Village.

The Little Marion sculptures have been adopted by a local family in the Village who regularly place ribbons in her hair. Take a stroll around the Village and see them all.

Little Marion Welcoming This is the gateway sculpture that welcomes you to the Marion Historic Village. You'll find her swinging on an old farm gate on Finniss Street, just off Marion Road.

Little Marion Skipping Find her skipping outside her Sunday School in George Street, near Annie Doolan's Cottage.

Little Marion Pondering Find her looking over the Sturt River from the bridge in Finniss Street.

Little Marion Waiting You will find her sitting waiting on bricks from the old Wade brickworks in George Street Reserve.

Little Marion Peering Find her on the corner of Marion Road and Finniss Street where she is lying down looking into the well.

Annie Doolan’s Cottage

At 'Annie Doolan’s' you can see an early Marion cottage.

The building was managed for many years by the dedicated Friends of Annie Doolan’s Cottage where they displayed a schoolroom of the 1870s, a kitchen of the 1940s and a model landscape of Marion Village in 1949 in the days when there were pug holes and market gardens. This generous group was instrumental in preserving and maintaining the building so that it can now be appreciated for generations to come.

The cottage is no longer available for entry, but can still be viewed from the outside. For information about the history of the cottage and its occupants please contact the Marion Heritage Research Centre.

Location: The cottage is located in George Street, Marion, behind St Ann's Chapel on Finniss Street.

Contact: Marion Heritage Research Centre, 245 Sturt Rd, Sturt. Ph 7420 6455 or

Marion Historic Village Museum 

Visit the Marion Historic Village Museum, located in Township Road behind the Wesleyan Chapel.

Managed and operated by members of the Village community, the 1927 Sunday school building has been operating as a display centre and museum since 2010.

See changing exhibits and learn about the history of the village, the people and their stories.

The centre now has a state-of-the-art touchscreen showcasing rare historical images of the village.

Exhibits are constantly being changed, so if you are looking for something interesting to do, or have visitors, why not call in on a Sunday afternoon? It's free and the building is fully air-conditioned for your comfort.

Opening hours: Every Sunday 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, Tuesday mornings from 10.00 am to 12 noon and by appointment. Free entry.
Contact: Judy Morphett 0422 187 177 or Kathy Creer 0411 043 344.

Partnering with the local community - YOU and the City of Marion

The Marion Historic Village Project was developed as a collaborative partnership between the local community and the City of Marion, from 2006 to 2017.

Using a Community Capacity Building approach, the project's aims were to bring people together to create a stronger sense of neighbourhood and a greater recognition of the unique cultural heritage of the 'Marion ‘Village’.

These aims have certainly been achieved in this highly successful project.

Contact: Judy Morphett 0422 187 177 or Kathy Creer 0411 043 344.

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