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Revitalisation of the Edwardstown Employment Precinct Project

The Revitalisation of the Edwardstown Employment Precinct 4-year project and part of the Council’s four-year business plan was completed in June 2023.

Project Objectives

• Foster local commercial activity and business prosperity

• Improve visual amenity of the precinct

• Present increasing employment opportunities for the area

• Support economic growth

Project Highlights

• Launching the Edwardstown precinct brand

• Developing an Economic Activation Plan and Tonsley and Edwardstown Value Proposition

• Delivering business upskilling and networking programs

• Case study enabling businesses to introduce energy efficiencies

• Supporting industry to embrace circular economy activities

• Planting over 350 trees to cool the streets and improve the visual amenity of the precinct

• Recognising businesses for their commitment to Edwardstown, innovation and community spirit

• Constructed a raingarden to filter stormwater and help support local wildlife

• Held a Defence Industry Day to connect business and highlight opportunities to work with the defence sector

• Created an entry statement to the precinct in the form of a 40 m wide mural on Raglan Avenue find out more visit the Edwardstown website.

Watch a timelapse of the new mural in Edwardstown