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The Revitalisation of the Edwardstown Employment Precinct

Council is continuing to revitalise the Edwardstown business district to create jobs and attract investment. Work will include planting additional street trees to enhance the amenity, create public artwork and improve access and car parking.

Project Objectives

  • Enhance vibrancy and liveability of the area for local people
  • Foster local commercial activity and business prosperity
  • Improve visual and aesthetic appeal of the built environment
  • Present increasing employment opportunities for all local residents
  • Promote environmental responsibility through low-carbon initiatives and sustainable business practices
  • Promote environmental and social benefits through encouraging local jobs for local people and minimising the impact on transport infrastructure
  • Support economic recovery
  • Improve access to competitively priced goods and services

Project Highlights

  • Greening of Edwardstown Part One to plant 175+ trees completed
  • Established the business community meetings/ steering committee
  • Business upskilling and networking program delivered
  • Five case studies of businesses in Woodlands Terrace to promote energy efficiencies
  • Economic Activation Plan
  • Tonsley and Edwardstown Value Proposition and Capability mapping
  • Creating the Edwardstown Brand
  • Celebrating businesses for service to the area
  • Greening of Edwardstown Part Two to plant a further 150 trees commenced
  • Stobie pole art installation

To find out more, visit our Revitalisation of the Edwardstown Employment Precinct website.

Watch a timelapse of the new mural in Edwardstonw