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Lighting Guidelines

Public lighting Guidelines helps provide safe, active and vibrant neighbourhoods, open spaces and playgrounds making it easier to enjoy and move around our city.

City of Marion is committed to operating more efficiently and sustainably in terms of energy, using the best technologies and methods to be as self-sufficient as possible and has developed these Public Lighting Guidelines to guide new installations, replacements, and upgrade programs.

The guidelines outline the asset ownership and requirements for the different standards of public lighting. The action plan sets out a succinct roadmap for the management and implementation of projects and asset management processes, that improve energy efficiency and service delivery across the City of Marion’s metered and unmetered public lighting networks.

As of August 2020, all contractors are to be made aware of the City of Marion Public Lighting Guidelines. They will need to complete and submit the relevant checklists prior to commencing construction. Note Checklist 1, 2 and/or 3 are required for every project.

Please use these digital forms for the relevant checklists:
Checklist 1 Design Considerations Metered & Unmetered installations
Checklist 2 Requirements for Standard Unmetered Installations
Checklist 3 Requirements for Metered Installations

In order, to future proof our developments and infrastructure, the City of Marion now required all lights to be LED and to be compatible for Smart Lighting adaption. For more details please email council@marion.sa.gov.au or speak with your project contact.