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Home energy

Home energy audit

Do you want to understand how much energy you are using at home and identify how you can reduce that use?

Home Energy Audit Toolkits are available for loan at each of Council's three libraries:

  • Park Holme Library
  • Cultural Centre Library
  • Cove Civic Centre

The kit includes a range of practical tools to help residents complete an energy audit of their own home.

You can also do your own basic home energy audit online using a checklist prepared by the South Australian Government.

My Cool Home Toolkit

Want to design, build or retrofit your environmentally sustainable climate resilient home?

Here are two great resources to help you on your journey.

My Cool Home toolkit can be used to assess the energy efficiency and comfort of the home, whether it be an existing home or one that you are planning – with projected cost savings and optimisation so you can see not just how much more comfortable your home could be, but what the potential bill savings are if certain measures were implemented.

The 3D interactive house and garden has heaps of useful information about:

  • Orientation and comfort
  • Sustainable materials
  • Ideas to make sure your home is warm in winter and cool in summer
  • How to make your home resource efficient, while saving you money on energy and water
  • Retrofitting and designing homes that are adaptable for a climate change future
  • Creating a sustainable climate resilient garden

While the My Cool Home tool is made available for anyone to use we would like to acknowledge AdaptWest Regional Climate Partnership for the development of this tool. Ongoing support is provided by the Regional Climate Partnerships (Resilient South, Resilient East and Resilient Hills and Coasts) and Green Adelaide.

Energy Made Easy

Energy Made Easy is a free Australian Government energy price comparison service for households and small businesses. The website can be used to find and compare home and small business electricity and gas plans. They provide all the details you need to make an informed decision but you need to contact the retailer of your choice, to switch to a new plan.

Do energy companies offer incentives to save energy?

The Retail Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) is a state government program that helps households and businesses save energy.

Under the REPS, some energy companies in South Australia must offer incentives to save energy. These incentives (called activities on the REPS website) can be discounts on services, free products, cash rebates or vouchers.

Check out the list of activity providers to see which companies are offering these energy incentives. Make sure to contact the providers directly to confirm which REPS activities they have available.

Household electrification

Why electrify your home?

Using electric appliances and vehicles powered by clean renewable electricity is the best way to run your home, not only for your wallet but the planet!

Over 40% of Australia’s domestic emissions come from the decisions we make around our kitchen table - how we travel around, how we cook and how we heat our water and home.

Electrifying your home and vehicle will save the average Australian household around $5,000 every year (and reduce household emissions close to zero)!

Electrify Adelaide

Electrify Adelaide aims to empower South Australians to electrify their homes, vehicles and businesses through education, actionable solutions and policy advocacy.

Electrify Adelaide's Household Electrification Guide explains the benefits of electrifying your home for your wallet and the planet. The electrification guide also explains how to electrify your home with step-by-step instructions.

Energy factsheets