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Section 7 Searches

Searches provide information on a particular property. They can only be ordered by or on behalf of a person who has an interest in land within the area.

For the purposes of ordering a search, the Local Government Act 1999 (Section 187) states that a person has an interest in land if and only if that person is:

  • the owner of a registered estate or interest in the land; or
  • an occupier of the land; or
  • a person who has entered or declares to the Council that he or she proposes to enter into a contract to purchase the land; or
  • a mortgagee or prospective mortgagee of the land.

People who have no relationship with the property (e.g. people interested in buying) can complete an Assessment Book Extract Application Form and pay $10.50 for ownership information. Visit the Information on Property Owners page for information about this form.

Council has up to 8 working days, from the day that payment is received, to complete a search.

Please see below for an application form. Please do not email credit card details or your email will not be received.

A full Section 7 Search consists of three components:

  • Rates - A rates certificate is generated which shows rates levied for this financial year and outstanding rates due.
  • Environmental Health - The specific property is checked against the contaminated land register to identify whether any relevant notices have been issued.
  • Development Services - A search is done on previous applications to check whether there are any continuing conditions. A copy of the indemnity insurance (if available) is attached and any encumbrances, Land Management Agreements or current notices issued for that particular property are indicated on the search.

Section 7 Search Fees and Charges (2021/22)

Full Section 7 Search: $62.50 / $75.25 (Urgent)

Property only: $26.00 / $38.75 (Urgent)

Rates only: $36.50

Additional Urgent Fee: $12.75

Certificates of Title

All $26.00, $38.75 $62.50 and $75.25 searches must include a copy of the Certificate of Title in order for Council to process the search request. Please contact SAILIS to get a copy of the Certificate of Title.

Urgent searches

Urgent searches will be given priority but Council will not guarantee a 24 hour turnaround.

Section 7 Application Form