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Section 7 Searches

A full section 7 Search consists of a Rates certificate (which shows levied rates this financial year and outstanding rates due), and a Property certificate which identifies and provides the following (if applicable):

  • any continuing conditions applicable to the land (relating to previous development approvals under the Development Act 1993 and other repealed Acts)
  • if the Council holds any Development Approvals relating to commercial or industrial activity at the land; or a change in the use of the land,
  • a copy of Indemnity insurance (if available)
  • Land Management Agreements issued under the Development Act and;
  • any current notices issued for the property as required under the Land Business Sale and Conveyancing Act.

A Data extract is also provided from Plan SA in relation to the Planning Development & Infrastructure Act 2016.

Section 7 Search Fees and Charges (2023/24)

Full Section 7 Search: $68.75 / $83.00 (Urgent)

Property only: $28.50 / $42.75 (Urgent)

Rates only: $40.25

Additional Urgent Fee: $14.25

Certificates of Title

All $28.50, $42.75 $68.75 and $83.00 searches must include a copy of the Certificate of Title in order for Council to process the search request. Please contact SAILIS to get a copy of the Certificate of Title.

Urgent searches

Urgent searches will be given priority but Council will not guarantee a 24 hour turnaround.

Section 7 Application Form