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Traffic and speeding

50km/h speed limits

The general urban speed limit in built-up areas of all South Australian cities and towns is 50 kilometres an hour unless there is a sign with a different speed limit.

What streets within the Marion area are 60 km/h?

  • Cove Road: Starts Lonsdale Road - Ends Jervois Terrace.
  • Lander Road: Starts South Road - Ends Lonsdale Road.
  • Millar Street: Starts Diagonal Road - Ends Seacombe Road.
  • Morphett Road: Starts Seacombe Road - Ends Le Hunt Street (bus turnaround).
  • Young Street: Starts House No. 30 Young Street - Ends Council Boundary (with Onkaparinga).
  • Perry Barr Drive: Starts Between 80km/h section - Ends House No. 42 Perry Bar Drive.

Remember, if there is no sign to tell you otherwise, it's a 50km/h Zone.

Road Safety

In the City of Marion, we continue to promote safe driving so all can feel safe within our council area. Learn about some of our initiatives through the links below.

Traffic and speeding issues

Council will respond to concerns regarding traffic and/or speeding issues. Please send all issues to the address below.

Coordinator, Traffic and Parking
City of Marion, PO Box 21, Park Holme SA 5043

Make sure you include the following information:

  • Location of the problem
  • Nature of the problem

Council will investigate the situation including (if appropriate) installing a traffic counter which measures the number of vehicles and their speed, reviewing accident records and undertaken observations.

Council will advise the resident, either by telephone or letter, of the outcome of the assessment.

Council does not have the authority to enforce speeding vehicles – this is undertaken by SAPOL. Please report all incidents of speeding vehicles to SAPOL by phoning 131 444.