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Our cultural heritage

What do we mean by cultural heritage?

Cultural heritage is about history, landscapes, buildings or collections of objects. It also includes traditions and living expressions of what we as a community have inherited, such as oral traditions, events, arts, celebrations, social customs and practices.

Cultural heritage provides a link to the work and way of life of earlier generations. It helps us understand who we are today and shapes what we will hand on to future generations.

Celebrating our cultural heritage

Celebrate our cultural heritage through arts projects, festivals and events at our two vibrant cultural centres: the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre and the Marion Cultural Centre.

Who are we and where are we from?

We are situated 10km south of the Adelaide CBD, stretching 55 square kilometres from the Glenelg tramline in the north to Hallett Cove in the south.

We have a growing population of 85,000 residents, and welcome overseas migration from countries such as United Kingdom, India, China, the Philippines, Africa and many others.

Managing our cultural heritage

The City of Marion's Cultural Heritage Framework identifies and conserves our significant cultural heritage, reflecting on the past and building stronger bonds for the future by collecting, protecting and sharing it through creative activities.
Read it online or download a copy below.

Further information

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