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Marion's Strategic Directions

Community Vision - Towards 2040

Toward 2040...Together - Community Engagement Report

Council is undergoing a review of its 10-year Strategic Plan and Vision Toward 2040. As part of this review, Council supported a ‘Toward 2040...Together’ campaign to understand the community aspirations that will support the development of a Draft Strategic Plan. This report summarises the feedback from the campaign, which had 772 respondents.

Council is currently considering the community feedback and working on the development of the Draft Plan.

Council will bring the Draft Plan out for community consultation in June 2024.

City of Marion Strategic Plan 2019-2029

The City of Marion Strategic Plan 2019-2029 was endorsed by Council in August 2019.

It is a roadmap for what we are going to achieve in our city and how we are going to deliver it.

City of Marion Business Plan 2023-2027

The City of Marion Business Plan 2023-2027 was endorsed by Council in June 2023.

It explains the projects and programs Council will deliver over four years.

These actions will help us to deliver the Community Vision for a city that is Liveable, Valuing Nature, Engaged, Prosperous, Innovative and Connected

Shape your Future

In 2022 Council undertook an eight -week community campaign called 'Shape your Future' to seek feedback from our residents, businesses, visitors and key partners to provide feedback on what is needed for the next 4 years to make the City of Marion a great place to live, work and visit.

The two- month campaign ran from July-August 2022. Council received 618 responses.

Community feedback informed the development of the Business Plan 2023-2027 which contains a range of priorities that the council proposes to deliver by 2027.

View the full report here.

Making Marion 2040 - How we listened

Over six weeks in late 2012, thousands of postcards and discussion papers were released and workshops held to generate ideas and feedback. Online discussion groups and social media were also used to connect people.

The result was:

  • 16,000 pieces of information collected
  • 3481 Making Marion website visits
  • 717 documents downloaded
  • 4000 discussion papers provided
  • 863 people attended events and workshops