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Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendors must have a permit to trade on roads (including verges, nature strips, footpaths and road reserves) in the City of Marion.

The Mobile Food Vendor Permit allows vendors to apply for a permit and outlines the conditions.

Permit Fees

Fees for Mobile Food Vending Permits are:

  • $2,000 per annum
  • $200 per month
  • $50 per day for special/community events
Pre-approved locations

In order to determine suitable pre-approved sites, Council considered relevant legislative requirements, availability of bins, parking, pedestrian movements/safety and lighting. DPTI roads are excluded as Council does not have jurisdiction over those carriageways.

The pre-approved locations in the City of Marion are:

- Margaret Street (adjacent Glandore Oval)
- Naldera Street (adjacent Glandore Community Centre)

Hallett Cove
- Capella Drive (adjacent Capella Drive Reserve)
- Quailo Avenue (adjacent Glade Crescent Reserve)

Seacombe Gardens
- Harbrow Grove and Eurundee Avenue (adjacent Harbrow Grove Reserve)

Sheidow Park
- Station Crescent and Encounter Road (adjacent Southbank Boulevard Reserve)

South Plympton
- Jervois Street and Waterhouse Road (adjacent Jervois Street Reserve)

Trott Park
- Hessing Crescent (adjacent Hessing Crescent Reserve)
- Adams Road (adjacent Reserve Street Reserve)

Maps of each site are available in the Location Rules.

Food Safety

All new mobile food vendors requesting to trade within the City of Marion will be required to provide a copy of their "Food Business Notification Form", which ensures they have been assessed to meet the requirements of the Food Act and the Food Regulations by Council in which their food business is based. External and pre-existing businesses trading within the City of Marion outside of their home-based address will be required to provide a copy of their "Temporary Food Business Notification Form", to also meet the requirements.

Council's Environmental Health Officers will investigate complaints regarding food safety while the mobile food van is operating within the City of Marion.

Further information about food safety can be found on our Food Safety webpage.

Local Government (Mobile Food Vendors) Amendment Act 2017

An amendment to the Local Government Act 1999 in relation to Mobile Food Vendor trading on roads (including verges, nature strips, footpaths and road reserves) came into effect on 1 March 2018. As a result of the amendment, Council adopted Location Rules which set out the location rules and pre-approved sites for Mobile Food Vendors (GC190827R05).

The legislation only applies to Mobile Food Vans trading on roads. Permits for Mobile Food Van trading on Council’s Community Land (eg reserves and libraries) are issued under separate provisions of the Act. Ice cream mobile food vending businesses are exempted from the amendments to the Act.

The Act limits the fees that Councils can charge to $2,000 per annum or $200 per month.