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Local Government Elections

Local Government elections are held every four years. The next election will take place in November 2018.

Local Government elections provide an opportunity to elect representatives who aspire, through the decisions they will be empowered to make on behalf of the community, to contribute to effective local government.

2018 Council Voters Roll Application Forms

2018 Council Election External Website Information

Results - 2014 Election

Mayor - Kris Hanna

Woodlands Ward - Nick Kerry, Tim Pfeiffer 
Mullawirra - Jason Veliskou, Jerome Appleby 
Warracowie - Bruce Hull, Nathan Prior
Warriparinga - Raelene Telfer, Luke Hutchinson 
Coastal - Ian Crossland, Tim Gard 
Southern Hills - Janet Byram, Nick Westwood

Ward structure

There was a total of seven elections held within the City of Marion in the 2014 elections; one for the Mayor and one for each of the six wards.

Following the Representation Review completed in 2013, new ward boundaries were applicable from the conclusion of the 2014 election.

Information about current wards and boundaries

Useful links and resources

If you are considering nominating to be on council, the following links provide a range of useful information and resources from the 2014 election. Please note these materials will be updated before the next council election.