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Gazania Free Gardens

Gazanias are a popular colourful and hardy plant, often found in coastal gardens.

Did you know that Gazanias are a declared weed? Declared weeds pose a serious risk to our natural environment. They commonly 'escape' from gardens by:

  • spreading of seeds
  • dumping of garden waste
  • are planted illegally

Once established in our coastal environments, they quickly outcompete local native plants and reduce habitat, food and shelter for local wildlife. They are costly to control and take valuable resources away from other important issues.

What you can do

If you have Gazanias in your garden you can:

  • carefully remove them
  • dispose of Gazanias in your green organics bin (don't dump or transport them anywhere)
  • plant local natives in their place!

Plant Swap Day

City of Marion residents who remove Gazanias from their garden, can register to come to the Plant Swap Day and receive FREE local native plants.

When: Sunday 21 June, 1 pm to 3 pm

Where: Cove Civic Centre, 1 Ragamuffin Drive, Hallett Cove

Registrations essential: Register Here

Remember: To participate you must remove Gazanias from your garden, take a photo of them and show us the photo at the Plant Swap Day to receive your FREE local native plants.


How do I identify Gazanias in my garden?

For more information see the Green Adelaide website.

How can I best control Gazanias?

Manual removal - for effective control, the entire plant, including it's root system should be dug out. Where the plant can't be removed, flower heads should be taken off before setting seed.

Chemical - for advice on chemical options, refer to the Weed control handbook for declared plants in South Australia.

For more information see the Green Adelaide website

Where can I get local native plants from?

Local native plants are Australian natives found in our area and are best for our local environment.

You can find a list of plant nurseries that stock local native plants here.