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Adopt a tree

Value nature and make Marion more liveable

City of Marion residents can help protect old and new plants across the city and Adopt a Tree.

People can receive a free watering bucket and detailed tree care instructions.

Healthy street trees can provide habitat for birds, reduce storm water run off and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Watering a tree outside your home twice or three times a week will help preserve one of the city's most important natural resources.

Adopt a Tree brochure

What are the benefits of street trees?

Healthy street trees can:

  • Provide habitat for birds and other wildlife.
  • Provide shade and cool our streets and homes.
  • Reduce storm water run off and erosion.
  • Make Marion more liveable.
  • Improve the quality of the air we breathe.
  • Improve our health and our connection with nature
  • Identify local heritage and have cultural significance.
Tree tips

  • During wetter months you may not need to water trees as regularly.
  • Only carry as much water as you can comfortably manage.
  • Don't disturb the soil surface extensively under the tree canopy as this will damage tree roots.
  • Spreading mulch under the canopy will help retain soil moisture.
  • Don't park vehicles on the verge under trees as this compacts the soil and reduces water infiltration.
Should I use tap water?

Water is an important resource, so where possible, use non-potable (non drinking) water from the bath, shower, sink or washing mahcine rinse cycle.

How much does a tree need?

Two or three buckets of water each week.

How can I be water wise?

Watering public trees is voluntary. Water wise measures include watering with a bucket or a hose with a trigger nozzle.

How can I help young trees?

Young trees need help to remain strong and thrive in the long term. Pour two to three buckets of non-potable water around the base each week. Maintain a water holding basin around the tree with soil 10-15cm high around the drip line to contain water.

Taking care of a new street tree:
  • Regularly water it
  • Hand pull weeds
  • Add 75mm of mulch to the base of the plant
  • Report vandalism

Make sure NOT to:

  • Use grass clippings for mulch (it may harm your tree)
  • Prune trees (Council will do regular pruning)
  • Spray herbicides or pesticides
  • Fertilise the tree (Council will fertilise when required)

Adopt a tree now!