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Grants, donations and sponsorship

The City of Marion through its Community Vision and Strategic Plan, has expressed a strong commitment to support the community through a number of grant opportunities. Eligible groups will encourage community connection for all people in our community. The Community Vision is for a city that is Liveable, Valuing Nature, Engaged, Prosperous, Innovative and Connected.

The City of Marion is committed to a diverse and inclusive community. Applications should reflect and celebrate this by ensuring projects, programs and activities are inclusive and accessible as possible for all groups, including people of various gender, age, sexuality, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and those living with disability.

Community Grants

The City of Marion Community Grants Program generally runs two rounds per financial year around February and August of each year.

Multiple grants of up to $5,000 and one per round of up to $10,000 are available with a total pool of $100,000 of funding per financial year.

Grants are offered in the following categories:

  • Environment
  • Community Development
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports & Recreation

What is the Community Grants Program?

The purpose of the Community Grants Program is to assist local non-profit community groups and organisations to establish and undertake innovative projects or activities that are of benefit to the community and which support the Strategic Plan - Towards 2040 which can be viewed on the link below.

Grants are available to support non-profit groups to develop new projects benefiting the community. No matter how large or small your non-for-profit group is, if you have an idea for a project, then you may be eligible for a grant. Please refer to the Community Grants Guidelines below for more information on eligibility.

Community Grants Program Timeline:* 

  • Applications open 14 August and close 18 September 2018
  • Late September 2018 panel begin assessing applications
  • November or December 2018 Recommendations are put forward to Council at the General Council Meeting. Applicants are then advised of the outcome of their application as soon as possible.
  • February 2019 Successful recipients will receive their funding at the Cheque Presentation Evening.

* please be advised that this timeline is approximate only and is subject to change.

Community Event Fund

Applications will be open until 30 June 2019 or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first. Applicants may apply for up to $1000 per event. Subject to eligibility.

Applicants must submit complete applications one month prior to the event to ensure time for processing of application prior to the event. 

What is the Community Events Fund? 

The Community Event Fund is a new fund of $12,000 per financial year to assist local not for profit organisations, community groups and voluntary associations to stage events or festivals. With the intention of providing a contribution to the cost of infrastructure for events that demonstrate a benefit to the City of Marion and which are in line with the City of Marion Strategic Plan.

If your planned event is on Council-owned land or facilities you will need to apply for a Special Event Permit.

Please refer to the Community Event Fund Guidelines below for more information on how to apply and what can be funded.

Youth Development Grants

The Youth Development Grants Program is open annually to eligible groups and organisations and the following grants are available:

Minor Grants $0 - $5,000

Medium Grants $5,000 – 10,000

Major Grants $10,000 – 40,000

* Please note these amounts are a guide, please discuss with the Youth Development team if your project does not fit within these funding pools.

Applicants may apply for more than one grant by submitting a separate application for each project, demonstrating any clear distinctions between the projects.

What is the Youth Development Grants Program?

The Youth Development Grants are designed to support eligible groups and organisations to deliver exciting, well-managed and relevant activities and programs whilst strengthening connections for young people 12-25 years in our community.

The grants can assist youth organisations and services to identify projects that they feel meet a local need, utilising their experience, expertise and existing connections in the City of Marion. The Youth Development Grants will contribute to providing positive opportunities in a strong, connected and inclusive community.

Voice It Create it Do it.

Youth Development Grants Program Timeline*

1 May 2018 – Grants Open
4 June 2018 - Grants Close
4 June – 20 June – Panel meet to review applications
20 June – Panel make final recommendation and report is sent to Council
24 July – Council meeting
26 July – Grant recipients’ notified and successful applicants will receive their funding
*This timeline is approximate and subject to change

Youth Achievement Grants

The Youth Achievement Grants Program has an annual budget of $10,000 and is available each year from 1 July until the budget is exhausted.

Young people up to 25 years are eligible to apply.

What is the Youth Achievement Grants Program?

The Youth Achievement Grants aims to encourage and support young people who have achieved outstanding results in their chosen field. Grants are available for young people who are residents of the City of Marion and have been chosen by a peak body to represent South Australia or Australia in their chosen field.

Applicants are eligible for $100 if representing the state and $200 for national representation.

Youth Achievement Grants Program Timeline

Current status: Open all year or until budget has been exhausted.

Youth Development Partnership Opportunities

The City of Marion places a strong emphasis on working with partners and collaborators across the city and region, acknowledging the expertise, knowledge and creativity these diverse groups contribute in strengthening community connectedness for young people.

Partnerships will create opportunities for youth participation and engagement. The underlying principle of all partnerships will be the enhancement of young people’s strengths and capacity as contributors to their community and their own personal development.

Donations and Sponsorship

The Donations and Sponsorship funding allows applicants to apply for up to $100 per financial year per person/organisation, subject to available funds.

What is the Donations and Sponsorship Program?

It provides funding assistance to eligible individuals, groups and non for profit organisations for activities that benefit the City of Marion.

Applicants must clearly meet and demonstrate a social, environmental or economic need as well as promoting the well being of the community.

For further information - Please read the Donations and Sponsorship Policy below.

Apply now

We provide an online application tool SmartyGrants to help you prepare and submit your application. SmartyGrants allows users to work on their application progressively and securely.

Before starting your application please read the Guidelines for the specific funding program. Funding and eligibility criteria apply to all grants.

If you experience any technical issues when completing your application please contact SmartyGrants on 03 9320 6888.

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