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Waste & recycling FAQs

Which Bin A - Z Guide

Visit the Which Bin website to learn more about what goes in which bin, or call the Which Bin hotline on 1300 137 118.

Planet Ark also has recycling directories for householders and businesses on their Recycling Near You and Business Recycling websites.

If you can't find what you're looking for on the Which Bin website, you can either:

  • submit your query via the Which Bin website,
  • check out some additional FAQs below, or,
  • email your query to the City of Marion.

Printable A-Z Recycling Guide

Local waste management centres

To dispose of unwanted materials yourself, take them to a waste management centre.

Disposal of some items will incur fees. Please contact the centres directly to find out disposal charges and what they will accept.

Recycling FAQs

Solar panel disposal

For mono and poly solar panels in working condition, Eagle Sun Enterprises is an organisation that collects used solar panels for shipping to parts of Africa without a reliable electricity supply.

For free disposal of spent solar panels, you can arrange a tip ticket.

How to dispose of vapes?

Vapes are e-waste items as they contain batteries, so they cannot be placed in any of your bins at home.

Most refillable vapes have a removable battery which can be recycled separately. Please remove the battery and recycle with other household batteries.

Single-use and re-usable vapes can be dropped off for free e-waste recycling.

What’s the difference between degradable, biodegradable, and compostable bags? And which bin should I place them in?

Degradable bags are made from plastic with other chemicals added (including heavy metals) that cause the plastic to break down and disintegrate over time when exposed to sunlight and heat.

Like degradable bags, biodegradable are often still plastic bags that have microorganisms added to break down the plastic.

Degradable and biodegradable bags should only be placed into your general waste bin.

Compostable bags are made of 100% natural plant starch and do not produce any toxic material. Compostable bags can go into the green organics bin. Compostable is the key word to look for on products to know they can go in the green bin.

Is my privacy at risk if I put papers containing my personal details in the recycling bin?

Your personal details are not at risk in the recycling bin as your paper represents such a tiny amount of material which is mixed together with tonnes of other material when collected by the truck, then sorted and baled at the materials recovery facility, all using automated machinery.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your information before your bin is emptied, for peace of mind you could shred the paper, but please place this in the green bin, not the yellow bin. Shredded paper is good for lining the bottom or covering any food scraps in your green bin to absorb any odours.

How can I dispose of bulk green waste?

You can arrange a tip ticket to take a trailer load of bulk green waste for free disposal. Find out more about tip tickets and request an online booking on our Hard Rubbish page.

How clean do items need to be to go in the yellow recycling bin?

Items need to be free from food but they don't need to sparkle. Using the water at the end of washing up to give them a quick rinse is enough. Or you can simply use a spatula to scrape any food residue out of a can or jar.

Glossy or plastic-coated paper - can any type of paper go in the recycling bin?

Glossy paper can go in the yellow bin if it easily rips like paper (such as magazines and wrapping paper). If you can see the plastic coating along the tear line it is not recyclable and goes in the red bin.

Paper that won’t rip is usually coated in plastic and therefore not recyclable.

Can biscuit trays go in the recycling bin?

Yes, these are classed as rigid plastic items and can go in your recycling bin.

I know I can’t put soil in any of my bins so where can I take it?

Put soil in your garden or take it to a transfer station such as:

  • Cleanaway Lonsdale Waste and Recycling Depot (10 Donegal Road, Lonsdale, Phone: 8326 5033)
  • Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre (181 Morphett Road, North Plympton, Phone: 8295 5077)
Packing foam/styrofoam - which bin does it go in?

Packing foam or polystyrene foam needs to go in the waste bin at the moment. This includes foam cups and meat trays. Don't be fooled by the triangle with the number in it - this is just a plastics identification code, not a recycling symbol.

Please place foam in your red lid waste bin.

Pizza boxes - do they go in the green or yellow bin?

All pizza boxes can go in your green bin. They make an excellent liner on the bottom of your bin or a cover over any bags of food scraps to deter small flies.

Only clean, food-free pizza boxes can go in the yellow bin. If in doubt whether it's clean or not, it can always simply go in the green bin as a general rule and makes great compost!

What should we do with bottle lids?

Plastic lids on plastic containers – empty container, replace the lid on the container and put it in the yellow bin.

This includes pop-top lids.

Loose plastic lids:

  • smaller than 5cm diameter – place in the waste bin
  • larger than 5cm diameter can go loose in the yellow/recycling bin.

Pump or spray bottle lids need to go in the waste bin.

Metal lids can be placed loose in the yellow bin.

Separate different materials i.e. remove metal lids from glass jars before you place them both in the recycling bin.

Saucepans and frying pans - can they go in the recycling bin?

Yes, and there is no need to remove handles. Please note, electric pans cannot go in your recycling as they are e-waste and need to be handled accordingly.

The triangle on plastics is confusing. What does it actually mean?

The triangle with the number inside is a plastic identification code, not a recycling symbol. It only lets you know what kind of plastic the item is made from, but not whether it is recyclable in your yellow bin.

With packaging materials changing all the time, these codes are not good indicators for whether something can go in your yellow bin.

The Australasian Recycling Label is appearing on more products all the time and provides useful advice on packaging disposal.

What can I do with paint tins that still have some paint in them?

Only empty and dry paint tins can go in your yellow bin.

Dried paint is not hazardous and can be placed in your red waste bin.

You can take tins of liquid paint to the free household paint and chemical drop-off. Find out more about this service on our Hazardous Waste page.

What can I do with shredded paper?

Shredded paper should go in your green bin with other organics. it makes a great covering layer on top of bagged food scraps to absorb odour and deter pests.

Please be advised that it is no longer accepted in your recycling bin. For safety reasons, filled and sealed paper bags or boxes are not opened and treated as general waste.

Why can’t I put mobile phones in the yellow bin if they are recyclable?

Mobile phones are a fire risk and they also contain a variety of valuable components (glass, plastic, metal) which need specialised recycling to break these down into their separate components.

Mobile muster is a free service for recycling phones with many locations such as:

  • City of Marion Administration Centre, 245 Sturt Road, Sturt.
  • City of Marion City Services, 935 Marion Road, Mitchell Park.
  • City of Marion Libraries (Hallett Cove and Park Holme)
  • Any mobile phone retail outlet.