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FAQs Verge Incentive Fund

The City of Marion recognises there are many benefits to residents developing and maintaining the verge adjoining their property. Key benefits include greening of our local streets, improving local biodiversity and establishing greener corridors throughout our city.

The Verge Incentive Fund provides a rebate to encourage more residents to beautify the verge area, in line with the Verge Development Guidelines.

A total of 50 per cent of the costs of developing the verge, capped at a rebate of $500 per property can be applied for.

There are a limited number of rebates available.

See below for more information.

Who can apply?

Applications for funding can only be submitted by the property owner or tenant directly adjoining the verge being developed in the City of Marion.

Tenants can apply provided they have prior approval from the property owner.

The Verge Incentive Fund is not available to residents of newly developed properties (less than 12 months from final build completion).

In the case of multi-unit dwellings, the applications must be submitted by the Strata.

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time.

The best time to plant on your verge is generally between May - September.

How long will it take to receive approval once I have submitted my online application?

A staff member will contact you within four weeks to discuss your application. Your approval may take longer and be subject to certain conditions.

How long do I have to complete the verge development?

Once you have been notified of your approval, you will have six weeks to complete the verge development. If it is anticipated to take longer, please contact Council to discuss.

What if I need to alter the verge development plan, after I have submitted and received approval for it?

Please contact Council to discuss.

How do I receive my rebate?

To receive the rebate, you will need to submit:

  • A completed verge rebate form
  • Receipts for the work undertaken or items purchased
  • A photograph of the developed verge
  • Proof of Residence – such as a drivers licence or rates notice
How long do I have to submit the rebate application?

We ask that you submit the rebate application as soon as possible, after you have completed the works on your verge.

Do I need to 'Dial before I Dig'?

Yes, for any excavation or digging of holes for plants. Please visit the Dial before you Dig website.

When can I expect to receive my rebate?

It may take up to 60 days.

What funding is available?

A total of 50 per cent of the costs of developing the verge, as per the Verge Development Guidelines, capped at a rebate of $500 per property. For example, if you spend $1000 on your verge development, subject to Council approval, you will be eligible for a $500 rebate (50 per cent of total spend).

What can the funds be used for?

The following items are eligible for funding:

  • Growing medium e.g. soil, compost, loam
  • Natural coloured gravel
  • Plants
  • Mulch
  • Mechanical excavation (by a licensed contractor only)
  • Lawn
  • Irrigation (pipes, trenching, systems, etc)
  • Wicking beds

Funding will be in the form of a reimbursement payment, via bank transfer, once the development has been completed and a copy of the receipt/s, verge rebate application form, proof of residency and completion photo are submitted to Council.

What is ineligible for funding?

Funding is NOT available for:

  • Any works undertaken on the verge prior to the approval of the application
  • Street trees (you can submit a street tree planting request to Council)
  • Items in the Verge Development Guidelines listed as 'not permitted'
How do I make an application?

The application process involves the following steps:

Step 1

Read the Verge Development Guidelines.

Step 2

Submit a Verge Development Application Form. A staff member will contact you to discuss.

Step 3

Receive approval to undertake verge development via email. This may be subject to conditions.

Step 4

Undertake verge development as per your application.

Step 5

Submit a Verge Rebate Form and attach receipts, proof of residence and completion photo to receive your rebate.

Step 6

Rebate issued via bank transfer.

Contact information

For urgent matters that require after-hours service, please phone 8375 6666.