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Mayor's Message

Welcome to the Mayor's Message column which aims to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the City of Marion.

This column has been published in Issue #79 of City Limits 2023

I can’t say often enough that so many offensive new developments are due to State Government laws; they not only set the zoning permissions for land, but the law specifically allows developments which don’t keep to the “rules”.

Council can have a real impact with enforcement, however.

Last year, we had a builder knock down a house which had a wall joined to the neighbour’s house - without telling either Council, or the neighbour! Council hounded the developer to make sure that they repaired all the damage they did to the neighbour’s house.

In another case, a couple on Morphett Road put railing around a huge tree trunk next to the front footpath. They said it was a treehouse [it wasn’t]. From the top there were views to the coast – and neighbours’ windows.

Instead of applying for approval they complained to the media, who were happy to have a go at Council. The builder challenged Council’s enforcement notice in court but, after several months, they gave up and took down the structure.

Some developers still get away with too much but I hope Marion Council is developing a reputation for not being a “soft touch”.

Yours faithfully,


Kris Hanna - Mayor of the City of Marion

Last updated: August 3, 2021.