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Dog Expiations

Current fees

The table below lists the offences against the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and the associated expiation fee.

A late fee of $68.00 applies for failing to pay an expiation notice by the due date.

Unregistered Dog Sec 33(2)$170.00
Unregistered Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 33(2)$750.00
Wandering at Large Sec 43$210.00
Wandering at Large Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 43$750.00
Dog in School Grounds etc Sec 45A(2)$315.00
Dog in School Grounds etc Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 45A(2)$750.00
Dog in Shop without Consent Sec 45A(3)$315.00
Dog in Shop without Consent Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 45A(3)$750.00
Dog Not Properly Identified Sec 40$170.00
Dog Not Properly Identified Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 40$750.00
Dog Chasing Vehicle Sec 45A(4)$315.00
Creating a Nuisance by Barking Sec 45A$315.00
Failure to Remove Dog Faeces Sec 45A(6)$210.00
Not Restrained being transported etc Sec 45(1)$210.00
Dog Attack/Harrassment Sec 44(2)$315.00
Dog Causing Injury to Person etc Sec 45A(1)$315.00
Prescribed Breed without Muzzle Sec 45B(1)$750.00
Prescribed Breed not on Leash Sec 45B(1)$750.00
Greyhound without a Muzzle Sec 45C(1)$315.00
Greyhound not on a Leash Sec 45C(1)$315.00
Dog Subject to Order Fails to Notify etc Sec 56$210.00
Fail to Notify New Owner of Order Sec 57$210.00
Fail to Notify Council of Registration Change Sec 37(1)$315.00
Fail to Notify Council of Guard Dog Reg 8$170.00
Impound Fee$181.50

Expiation Appeals and Payments

Please click here for more information relating to Expiation Appeals and Payments