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What is Marion Water?

Marion Water is the term used for the City of Marion’s recycled non-drinking water that is distributed to our parks, reserves, schools, industry and, in the near future, some new residential sub-divisions. Marion Water is primarily stormwater and native groundwater which is treated to a standard fit for purpose as defined in the National Stormwater Guidelines.

We believe in utilising every drop of rainwater for the greater good. That's why we've constructed a comprehensive pipeline network spanning over 11.5 kilometres, which already irrigates more than 30 council reserves.

We extended our pipeline network in 2023 by an additional 12 kilometres to cover even more areas. Our recycled water pipeline now also reaches Flinders University, the Women's Memorial Playing Fields, the Seacliff area and more.

With Marion Water, we're committed to making the most of our natural resources and promoting sustainable living. Our stormwater harvesting scheme is not just a means of irrigation but a way of building a greener, cooler and more sustainable future.

How much water will be processed?

Marion Water will process at least 250 megalitres (ML) of recycled stormwater on average every year and will generate 143.49 ML of water recovery towards the 450 gigalitres (GL) of efficiency measures under the River Murray Basin Plan.

Marion Water Plan

The four year Marion Water Plan outlines opportunities to expand the Oaklands Stormwater Reuse Scheme and manage our water resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Marion Water be used for?

Marion Water CAN be used for the following:

  • Irrigating Parks, Reserves, Streetscapes and Ovals
  • Garden irrigation
  • Filling ornamental ponds
  • Other industrial uses

Our Water CANNOT be used for:

  • Drinking (human and animal consumption)
  • Cooking or other kitchen purposes
  • Personal washing eg baths, showers, hand basins and bidets
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Washing clothes
  • Indoor household cleaning
  • Filling swimming pools and spas
  • Recreation activities involving water contact eg children playing under sprinklers
  • Washing of pets
What are the benefits of Marion Water?

Customers using Marion Water are contributing to multiple benefits to both the local community and the wider region.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduced demand on existing water resources such as the Murray River and the Adelaide Hills Water Catchments
  • Increased local biodiversity through the establishment of our wetlands
  • Reducing the volume of stormwater run-off and helping to protect the sensitive marine environment of the Barker Inlet in Gulf St Vincent
  • Increased opportunities for environmental education and research – helping to ensure Marion Water contributes to the broader goal of a sustainable city.
  • By using Marion Water to irrigate council sports fields, parks and ovals we are helping to keep the City green.
  • The establishment of our wetlands in the Council area and the use of Marion Water for irrigating City of Marion landscapes have made our City a more beautiful place to live and have provided unique recreational activities.
  • Marion Water use is not restricted, even during drought periods, which means grassy areas can continue to flourish and be used for both passive and active sport use year round.
How does Marion Water operate?

Marion Water is a separate business unit of the City of Marion.

Marion Water is governed by an Advisory Board that includes the City of Marion Chief Executive Officer and external independent leading water/industry experts.

The Board considers issues including:

  • Strategic direction
  • Legal and regulatory environment and government policy
  • Community issues
  • Pricing Policing
  • Risk management
  • Major capital investment
  • Performance against targets and objectives
  • Development and monitoring of relevant policies
  • Reporting and accountability to the Council