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Graffiti removal

The City of Marion Graffiti Removal Program aims to prevent and reduce the incidence of graffiti, by supplying free graffiti removal products, volunteer graffiti removal services and contact details for other utilities.

Report graffiti

The City of Marion believes in being innovative and using products and tools that help service the community in an effective way.

The My Marion Customer Portal can now be used to quickly and efficiently report graffiti on Council property.

Download an information sheet

Where is the graffiti?

Graffiti on Council property

City of Marion will remove graffiti from Council property within one to five days (weather permitting).

Offensive and hate based graffiti will be removed from Council and private property within 24 hours.

Please report graffiti on Council property to:

City of Marion
Customer Service Centre
In person: 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047
Online: Lodge a request for graffiti removal
Phone 8375 6600

Reporting graffiti on utilities property

To assist the Council and the community in the reduction of graffiti within the City of Marion, please report graffiti on utilities property to the appropriate numbers below. Council is also happy to report on your behalf if notified.

  • SA Power Networks - Phone: 13 12 61
  • Telstra - Phone: 13 22 03
  • Adelaide Metro (Train, Tram and Bus) - Phone: 1300 311 108
  • Adshel (Bus Shelters) - Phone: 1800 501 402
  • Major Roads - Transport Services - Phone: 1800 018 313
  • SA Water - Phone: 1300 883 121
  • Australia Post - Phone: 13 13 18
  • Housing SA - Phone: 13 12 88
Graffiti on private property

If you have become a victim of graffiti, please report the incident to the Sturt Police Station on (08) 8207 4700. To report an offence in progress, please call police on 13 14 44.

The City of Marion is unable to remove graffiti from private property, however if the graffiti is located on your fence and is offensive or hate based, then the Council is able to remove the graffiti.

The City of Marion will supply free graffiti removal products, including a limited amount of paint, to residents and businesses within the City of Marion to the assist residents in keeping their property graffiti-free.

Should you or a family member or friend be unable to remove the graffiti, the Council may be able to offer the assistance of a Graffiti Removal Volunteer.

Handy graffiti removal hints

  • Try your graffiti remover on a small area of the graffiti you wish to remove first.
  • If you cannot remove a few square centimetres, then you will not be able to remove several square metres.
  • Remember, if it is not coming off easily then rethink the situation. Up to 60% of graffiti removals from painted surfaces are paint-outs.
  • Be sure when removing graffiti by the paint out method, that you match your colour/s as near as possible to the original colour of the surface area you are about to paint.

Free graffiti removal products

Free graffiti removal products, including a limited amount of paint, are available to residents and businesses within the City of Marion.

Products are available from:

City of Marion
City Services

In person: 935 Marion Road, Mitchell Park SA 5043
Opening hours: Weekdays between 8:30 am and 5 pm

Volunteer graffiti removal

Getting graffiti removed by the volunteer team

The City of Marion has a team of volunteers that may be able to assist with graffiti removal should you or a family member or friend be unable to remove the graffiti yourself.

To assist with the removal we will require the:

  • Address of the graffiti
  • Contact person
  • Telephone number
  • As much information about the graffiti as possible, for example, the amount of graffiti, what type of surface the graffiti is on and the colour of the surface.

To arrange this service, please contact the:

City of Marion
Customer Service Centre
Lodge a request for graffiti removal online

In person: 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047
Post: PO Box 21, Park Holme SA 5043

How to become a graffiti removal volunteer

Rapid and continual removal of graffiti is the most effective method of reducing the chance of continuing attacks of graffiti vandalism as it denies vandals the recognition that they desire.

City of Marion acknowledges and accepts that graffiti is a crime that defaces the clean and safe image of the city.

Volunteers play a large role in keeping our community graffiti-free. By adopting an area, a street, or removing graffiti as you see it throughout the Council area, you can greatly assist the community in combatting graffiti.

If you would like to assist and are interested in becoming a Graffiti Removal Volunteer, please contact:

City of Marion
Graffiti Program Coordinator
Phone 8375 6600

In person: 935 Marion Road, Mitchell Park SA 5043
Opening hours: Weekdays between 8:30 am and 5 pm

Graffiti prevention - the 5Es

There is no single answer to graffiti. Graffiti prevention requires a multi-faceted approach. At the City of Marion we have based our approach to graffiti prevention using the 5Es principal - Education, Engagement, Eradication Enforcement and Engineering while embracing the CPTED principals (Crime Prevention Through Environment Design).

A brief overview of the 5Es

  • Education: The development of locally appropriate responses to graffiti prevention and management through the development and distribution of appropriate information resources.
  • Engineering: Reducing opportunities for graffiti through design modifications at the design, planning, and redevelopment phase, as well as hot spot analysis.
  • Eradication: Removing all graffiti in designated areas as soon as possible, not just on Council and private property.
  • Enforcement: Enforcing the law using appropriate criminal justice responses.
  • Engagement: The factors that influence people to engage in graffiti and to deter young people from continuing in illegal graffiti activity by using positive role models. The factors which influence the community to engage in graffiti management.

Should you require further information on the 5Es, please contact our Graffiti Program Coordinator on 8375 6600.

Art of Respect - Aerosol Art Workshops

The Art of Respect creates an opportunity for the medium of aerosol to be seen in a positive light while giving young people a sense of community belonging and self-worth.

This project creates respect both for the community and from the community. The program also increases the participant's awareness of the negative impacts that graffiti has on the community.

A number of previous participants have gone on to facilitate their own aerosol art programs both here and interstate. A number of participants have also gained employment with local businesses, in assisting with graffiti reduction by producing murals on Hot Spots.

Further information

For further information about graffiti management in the City of Marion, please contact:

City of Marion
Customer Service Centre

In person: 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047
Post: PO Box 21, Park Holme SA 5043