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Heritage information

What is heritage?

'Heritage' encompasses all those aspects of the past and present that we value and want to share with future generations. It includes:

  • Things that we have inherited from the past; and
  • Aspects of our own lives and generation.

Heritage can focus on places, artefacts, photographs, film, documents, landscapes or natural features, but it can also be more than tangible objects. Stories, events, cultural and religious practices, values and ideas can all be important aspects of heritage.

Council's Development & Regulatory Services Division primarily deals with built heritage, that is, buildings, structures and sites.

Local heritage places in the City of Marion

In the City of Marion there are currently 55 places listed in the Development Plan as Local Heritage Places.

You can download the Local Heritage Places table to view all places designated to be of local heritage value within the City of Marion below:

Development relating to local heritage places

In addition to the normal meaning of the term ‘development’, when related to a Local Heritage Place, ‘development’ also includes other criteria such as - the demolition, removal, conversion, alteration or addition to the place, or any other work (including, in the case of a tree, any tree damaging activity) that could materially affect the heritage value of the place. A development application needs to be lodged with Council if development is proposed to be undertaken.

Local heritage incentive fund

City of Marion has established a Local Heritage Incentive Fund to:

  • Help with the costs of maintenance and certain upgrading of heritage buildings;
  • Promote the effective conservation of heritage buildings;
  • Enhance the viability of such buildings; and
  • Enable owners to undertake maintenance and conservation work which may otherwise be a financial burden.

Community groups, organisations, private owners, property managers and tenants of local heritage places in the City of Marion can apply for funding. Each property may be eligible for a maximum of $2,500 per budget year, with not more than 30 percent of the cost of the work being subsidised.

Funding assistance is granted, conditional on issues such as colours chosen, materials used, quality of workmanship, and methods of construction being considered appropriate by Council.

Funding may also be made available for relevant fees applicable to the lodgement of a development application (subject to Council’s discretion)

For further information on the Local Heritage Incentive Fund and how to apply see the below information brochure and application form.