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Smart South Consortium

Established through grant funding from the Department for Innovation and Skills through the Southern Adelaide Economic Development Board. The Smart South Consortium was created to seek to position Southern Adelaide as a ‘Smart Region’ that fosters creative thinking, emergent technology, interactive data capture and innovative use of resources for the benefit of the community. Bringing together multiple partners and governments at all levels to provide better outcomes for the community. A smart region allows people to flourish, supported by optimised infrastructure, information, and resources.

A Working Group was established in May 2018 to initiate discussions amongst key stakeholders representing industry, Education and Government on the concept of a smart region and opportunities for collaborative partnerships on smart projects. It is proposed that the working group continue to be a key ‘testing’ group to support the development of a model, principles, legal framework etc for the Smart South Consortium.

Through the engagement of Norman Waterhouse, the Working Group designed an MOU to establish a Founding Membership for the Consortium, along with a Project agreement template sought to establish a framework for a collaborative partnership.

Founding Members

  • City of Marion
  • City of Onkaparinga
  • Flinders University
  • SAGE Automation
  • Renewal SA - Tonsley

MOU and Project Agreement templates

The consortium engaged a group of masters students from Flinders University to create an Ecosystem of the current state of play amongst Councils and the Innovation Precincts in South Australia.
The students identified five key areas that the consortium could focus on:

  • Traffic Management
  • Waste Management
  • Smart Parking
  • Public Safety
  • Modern Aging

Master students findings

IoT Deployed

Taking the recommendation to address the Community based problem of Traffic Management the Consortium engaged SAGE Automation to install Addinsight units within the local street surrounding the Oaklands Smart Precinct. A data-sharing agreement was established between the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, City of Marion and SAGE Automation to surround existing traffic monitoring devices the Department already had in place. For more information see the Innovation Trial brief below.