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Education and support

City of Marion's Waste and Recycling Education Officer is available to deliver free presentations and workshops on recycling and waste management to residents, community groups, schools and businesses as part of our commitment to encouraging, promoting and supporting waste reduction.

School and Preschool Education

Our waste and recycling education programs offer a range of free, fun and interactive sessions on recycling and waste minimisation topics, including:

  • Ready to Recycle
    Using the 3 bin system and the importance of recycling right.
  • From Bins to Beyond
    Find out what happens to waste and recycling once it leaves the kerb. Review what goes in each bin and why choosing the right bin is important.
  • Keepers of the Compost
    Learn how a compost bin system works and how to look after one. This session can include setting up a compost bin.
  • Wild about worms
    Learn what to feed worms and how to look after a worm farm. This session can include setting up a worm farm.
  • Nude food and litter free lunches
    Look at common lunchbox items and identify ways to reduce waste. Explore social and environmental impacts of litter.
  • Waste warriors
    School support for planning actions to reduce the school’s waste, improve recycling systems or start a new collection.

Suitable for four years old and up, the sessions can be adapted to suit your group.
School presentations range from individual classes to assembly or meetings with staff and parents.

Sessions are normally 40-50 minutes but can be as short as 20-30 minute talk, or a longer two hour workshop, depending on your needs.

For enquiries, information and bookings please email or phone 8375 6600.

Community Education - presentations

Our Waste and Recycling Education Officer is available for guest presentations to community groups. Presentations range from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on group requirements. Topics include:

  • Waste less, recycle more
    Learn more about Council's waste and recycling services. Find out what can go in each bin, practical tips for recycling tricky items, and how to dispose of other materials such as e-waste.
  • What a load of rubbish!
    Discover what happens to your waste and recyclables once they are collected from the kerb and learn more about minimising waste.
  • Composting at home
    You can halve your environmental impact by recycling organics into compost at home. Learn about various compost systems including compost bins, worm farms and bokashi, and how to keep them productive.

For enquiries, information and bookings please email or phone 8375 6600.

Education Resources

There are many fantastic resources available online for waste and recycling education from the following sites:

Posters available for downlaod