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Missed collection, missing and damaged bins

Missed bin collection

If your bin collection was missed, please advise Cleanaway as soon as possible by submitting a report online or by contacting Cleanaway directly.

Missing, stolen or damaged bin

Bins will be replaced if:

  • You have moved into existing premises and bins are missing
  • Your bins have been stolen
  • A split within the bin body allows vermin access to waste
  • Damage allows liquid to leak out
  • Damage represents a risk to others

Please submit your request for replacement or repair to Cleanaway.

Examples of damaged bins which would be replaced

New dwelling which needs bins

Once the new property is occupied and you would like to organise bins to be delivered, please contact:

City of Marion
Phone: 8375 6600

Property being demolished

When a property is being demolished, please contact City of Marion to arrange the collection of your bins (refer to contact details below).

City of Marion
Phone: 8375 6600