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Wellbeing activities

The following programs and activities are held at different venues, some may be on hold due to COVID-19, for further information please contact the Positive Ageing and Inclusion Team.

Mindset for Life

Retirement can be a challenging time to work out who you want to be and what you want to do with your time.

Sessions will provide tips and strategies for your retirement whether you are planning to retire or already retired.

Positive Ageing – The Secret To Feeling Good - Wellbeing & Resilience Workshops

This wellbeing and resilience program will help you be the best version of yourself and live life to the fullest. You will learn practical skills to help cope with day-to-day adversities.

  • Discover and capitalise on your strengths
  • Improve your confidence and optimism
  • Build positive relationships
  • Develop problem solving skills
Moving Towards Wellness

Would you like to learn to manage an ongoing health issue? Moving towards Wellness is a 6 week program that focusses on practical skills and strategies to better manage your health and increase your wellbeing. Improve your confidence and capacity to self-manage your nutrition, activity, fatigue, frustration, pain and communication with family, friends and health professionals.

Marion Wave Makers

Take the plunge and improve your fitness levels, recover from injury or just have fun and exercise in the pool.

It is an activity with physical and mental health benefits, and can be continued for a lifetime. It is also an inclusive activity and a great way of making new friends. These weekly sessions are overseen by an exercise instructor who is able to tailor movements or water activities for your specific needs.

Fish Feeders

Are you looking for an opportunity to go fishing or have always wanted to try fishing? Our friendly Fish Feeders group is aptly named because like many people who enjoy fishing more fish are fed than caught. Why not take this wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of being outdoors, our amazing coastal views whilst enjoying the company of others.

Because I Can

Supports people to set goals, problem solve and make decisions focusing on eating, managing tiredness, understanding emotions, relaxation, social networks, positive self-talk and communication skills.

Feeling Stronger Feeling Healthier

This fitness program is tailored to individual needs while enjoying the fun and friendship of a group activity. Conducted by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Southern Cross Care (SA) and using specialised equipment suitable for your fitness level your will improve your strength, balance and confidence. Transport available – eligibility criteria applies.

Living Well Matters

Wellbeing series of workshops covering: Sleep, Brain, Food, Movement and Social Connection.

Marion Movie Morning

Enjoy a movie with everything taken care of and the opportunity to meet new people and chat about the movie afterwards.

Chi Ball

An exercise class suitable for all fitness levels with a strong focus on maintaining flexibility, balance and relaxation while having fun in a non-threatening environment.

The four City of Marion Neighbourhood Centres; Cooinda, Mitchell Park, Trott Park and Glandore Community Centre offer a great range of activities, social groups, information sessions and fitness classes.

Visit the page below for the current Neighbourhood Centre programs.