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Each Positive Ageing and Inclusion client, carer and/or their choice of advocate is respected by the City of Marion and will, if required, assist the client to access an advocate of their choice. Prior to commencement of services, prospective clients and their carers will be offered the opportunity to nominate an advocate to attend the initial home visit by the service, to assist them in decision-making.

The role of an advocate

An advocate is a person or organisation who stands alongside another individual and speaks out on their behalf in a way that represents their views and wishes.

Advocacy differs from mediation and negotiation, which are both processes that aim to reach a mutually acceptable outcome between two parties. The role of an advocate is not impartial, as he or she has an obligation to operate entirely from the perspective of the client in negotiating an outcome. An advocate aims to protect the interests and promote the welfare of the client.

Responsibilities of a client advocate

Accepting a nomination as a client advocate means attendance would be expected during assessments and reviews of the client’s care plan, or in any circumstance where the client wishes to communicate or negotiate with a service provider. Client advocates are expected to respect the client’s wishes and represent a client’s interests independently of a service provider’s perspective.

Role restrictions

Language or signing interpreters can not be used as advocates, interpreters may be nominated as the client’s chosen support person, but not as a client advocate.

Where can I find advocacy support?

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) offers a free, confidential and state-wide service to older people, or their representatives, who are:

- living in residential aged care

- receiving Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or Home Care Package (HCP) services

- at risk of, or experiencing abuse from family or friends

- living in a retirement village.

ARAS provides advocacy assistance to support older people to uphold their rights and their responsibilities. For further information and contact details, refer to the link below.