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How to start a community garden

If you would like to start a new community garden on Council land, we encourage you contact our Community Gardens Coordinator early on to find out what is involved and how we can help.

We have developed Community Gardens Guidelines which outline the key steps involved in starting a community garden on Council land. These steps include:

  • Form a community gardening group.
  • Submit an expression of interest to Council.
  • Select a site.
  • Council assesses the site and arranges for the soil to be tested for contamination.
  • Engage with neighbours and the wider community.
  • Plan your garden design and develop a Management Plan.
  • Incorporate your community gardening group and organise appropriate insurance.
  • Prepare a budget and source funding.
  • Council conducts a community consultation process with local residents.
  • If your application is approved, negotiate a lease or license agreement with Council.

There is further information about these steps and how to prepare your community garden application in the Community Garden Guidelines.

Further Information

City of Marion Community Gardens Coordinator