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Biodiversity Plan 2024-2029

The City of Marion Biodiversity Plan 2024-2029 will provide the overarching framework to assist management, enhancement and protection of natural areas and biodiversity for the next 5 years.

The plan addresses the need for consideration of biodiversity within the context of council’s management and operations by identifying values and issues and presenting strategies and actions that can be undertaken.

Protecting the natural environment and improving connection with nature are key elements of the ‘Valuing Nature’ theme of the City of Marion Community Vision.

The City of Marion Strategic Plan 2019–2029 seeks improved condition, diversity and connectivity of our ecosystems as well as identifying the challenges around increasing impacts and costs of remnant vegetation management due to climate change.

Council has committed to deliver this Biodiversity Plan as a priority in the City of Marion Business Plan 2023–2027 in response to feedback from our community identifying improved open spaces and environments as a top priority for the next 4 years.