Community Gardens

The City of Marion recognises that community gardens contribute to the wellbeing of communities and provide diverse health, social, environmental and cultural benefits. In particular:

  • Community gardens have the potential to connect communities, build friendships and provide a recreation and educational resource for all age groups.
  • Community gardens enable people to pursue horticultural activities in an urban environment and can be particularly valuable in medium and higher density areas where people may have limited garden space.
  • Community gardens provide an opportunity to grow food in an environmentally sustainable way and contribute to addressing food security.

Community garden policy and framework

Whilst the City of Marion is supportive of community gardens, it is essential that these gardens are based on a strong community commitment and are appropriately located, managed and connected to the community in order to be sustainable and viable. 

Community Garden Policy

This policy reflects Council’s commitment to community gardens and provides an overriding direction for community gardens through policy principles. This policy relates only to community gardens on Council owned or managed land.

Community Garden Framework

This framework provides further direction and detail to assist in the appropriate provision, location, development, management and use of community gardens in the City of Marion. This framework has been designed to also assist community gardens on land owned by other stakeholders such as schools, churches and nursing homes. 

The documents have been designed to ensure community gardens in the City of Marion are based on best practice and will benefit communities across the city for years to come.


Community garden locations in the City of Marion

Glandore Community Centre
25 Naldera Street, Glandore SA 5037
Phone: 8371 1139

Trott Park Community Garden
34 Hessing Crescent, Trott Park SA 5158
Phone: 0478 625 445 

Located at the rear of Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre overlooking an open space at the head of one of the Field River tributaries. The aim of the Trott Park Community Garden group is to promote the growing of fresh vegetables for a healthy way of life involving the community. For more information visit Trott Park Community Garden.

Marino Community Garden
Newland Avenue Reserve, 25 Newland Avenue, Marino
Phone: 0411 237 380

A new community garden is being established by Marino Community Garden Inc. For more information visit Marino Community Garden.

MarionLIFE Community Garden
Cnr Marion Rd and Allawoona Ave, Mitchell Park SA 5043
Phone: 8277 0304

The MarionLIFE Community Garden is a colourful and tranquil place where you can be creative, share gardening knowledge, enjoy healthy produce, get involved in community projects and enjoy the company of others.

Clovelly Park Community Garden
Clovelly Park Primary School, 1 Renown Place, Clovelly Park SA 5042
Phone: 8276 6882
Mobile: 0439 699 116

Clovelly Park Community Garden is a collaboration with Clovelly Park Primary School and supported by the City of Marion. It is a place where young and old can come together to grow food and build friendships.


Further information

For further information on community gardens, please contact:

City of Marion
Community Development
Phone: 8375 6600
Fax: 8375 6699
Post: PO Box 21, Oaklands Park SA 5046