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Bricks N Bytes

Join us every Monday at 3:45pm on Facebook for our live show for kids who love science, digital technology and LEGO! Each week will feature a special guest, a LEGO challenge and an app of the week. Tune in with your LEGO bricks to take part in our 5 Minute Frenzy! For parents, join our Bricks ‘n’ Bytes – Real Talk Facebook Group for more activities and ideas for the kids.

Watch It Back

Missed an episode? Previous episodes are available to watch back below or via our City of Marion YouTube channel.

LEGO Challenge Galleries

Episode 1: Build a Hamburger

Episode 2: Build a Family

Episode 2: Minifig Big World

Episode 3: Build a Cat Face

Episode 4: Build a Turtle

Episode 4: Gadget holder