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Michelle Driver

Seacliff Park


Textile Artist


I am at my happiest when sitting at my needlepoint frame, stitching and creating - I am excited to think that when people are stitching my kits, they are also feeling the enthusiasm and excitement that I’ve put into creating them! I’m now in the process of working on ready-made stitched items, such as clutches and coin purses, and one-off art pieces. I am also studying the Diploma of Woven Tapestry, and hope to eventually incorporate this into my practise also.


I have exhibited paintings and sculpted art candles in several community art exhibitions and projects. 
I have run a couple of workshops for the City of Holdfast Bay (at Brighton Library, and Glenelg Library for the Adelaide Fringe), teaching children from 7-12 years how to cross stitch. I am also available if you are looking for someone to complete unfinished cross stitch/tent stitch projects. Some people are either unable to complete projects themselves, or have way too many UFOs (Unfinished Objects) hanging around the house!