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Cove Cobras Football Club

Wednesday 25 Sep 2019
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Cove SC

Cove Cobras Football Club tenancy not renewed

Marion Council has decided not to renew the tenancy of the Cove Cobras Football Club at the Cove Sports and Community Club.

The CCFC have until midnight, 25 October 2019 to vacate the ratepayer-owned premises.

The independent investigation concluded:

  • Inappropriate behaviour, disrespectful language and intimidating conduct by numerous CCFC members and associates has resulted in other sporting clubs not using the facility because they feel unwelcome or unsafe.
  • Insulting sexist language directed at a female staff member and sexual harassment of female netball players.
  • The CCFC has a sense of entitlement and ‘ownership’ of the facility, with other clubs experiencing territorial or unwelcome acts when they attempt to use it.
  • The behaviour is widespread and part of a club culture that is condoned and, in some cases, practised by some senior members of the CCFC.

Council made the decision to not renew tenancy after considering the report at its meeting of 24 September 2019.

What were the key reasons behind Council’s decision?
  • Inappropriate, sexist and intimidating behaviours, inconsistent with community standards
  • Council does not condone this type of behaviour in its community facilities
What prompted the investigation?
  • Council commissioned the independent investigation following multiple complaints
  • The investigation lasted two months, was conducted by EMA Consulting, and involved interviewing multiple witnesses
Were the CCFC given a chance to respond to the allegations?
  • The report was initially considered at a confidential Council meeting on 3 September 2019
  • CCFC was briefed on 4 September 2019
  • CCFC were given 14 days in which to respond to allegations
  • CCFC made a deputation at the Council meeting of 24 September
  • Council has attempted to work with CCFC to improve the behaviour of its members
What about the women’s and junior teams?
  • The actions of some of the members of the club will, unfortunately, have an impact on the rest of the club
  • Council hopes the women’s and junior teams can continue to play football in some format next year
  • Council hopes that the SANFL and the Southern Football League will help find the Cove Cobras a venue for the women’s and junior teams to play
When was the club notified?
  • The CCFC and football’s governing bodies, the SANFL and the Southern Football League, were notified on 25 September 2019
What other sports clubs use the facility?
  • Cove Sports and Community Club serves more than 1500 players and members of the local community
  • Other sports clubs are:
  • Cove (Tigers) Netball Club
  • Hallett Cove Lightning Netball Club
  • Cove Cricket Club
  • Cove BMX Club
  • Cove Soccer Club
What has Council done to protect users of the facility?
  • Council has spent more than $8200 on personal duress alarms and extra CCTV
  • A security guard has been engaged for functions involving alcohol.