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Marion 100 group has its say on budget priorities

Monday 21 Mar 2022
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Marion 100 budget

The City of Marion has hosted a follow-up event to the 2021 Marion 100 Community Summit.

Called Marion 100 Have Your Say On The Budget, the March 17 event was held at Flinders at Tonsley with the objective of seeking feedback on a range of strategic questions regarding Council’s upcoming 2022/23 Budget.

More than 40 people attended, including several Elected Members who took part in a Budget ‘Question Time’ and fielded questions submitted by community members.

The evening program covered three activities, with the City of Marion seeking feedback on:

  • Ranking, in order of first, second and third preference, 11 projects that have been flagged with the Council but are yet to secure council funding commitments.
  • How attendees would prefer to prioritise the allocation of rates.
  • The City of Marion’s community vision and how the council could align its services and achieve its “values” to make the community more liveable, valuing nature, innovative, prosperous, connected and engaged.

The results of these activities are being collated and will be presented to Elected Members later this month.

A report of this presentation will be made available to Marion 100 participants.

The City of Marion will be running future Marion 100 events and will be looking to extend an invitation to other members of the community who may wish to participate.

You can find out more about the Marion 100 Community Summit on the Making Marion website.

Image: Marion Mayor Kris Hanna and Elected Members answer questions during 'Budget Question Time'.

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