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Meet a Marion Business: Ros McDonough, Hello Baby Midwifery

Wednesday 21 Feb 2024
Ros Hello Baby

Each month, we say hello to a local City of Marion business to learn more about them and the business they have built. This month we look at the City of Marion as the place to work for Ros McDonough from Hello Baby Midwifery.

1. Tell us a bit about you and your business…

I am an ordinary person who has the opportunity to work with birthing people and their families at an extraordinary season of their life. I provide pregnancy and postnatal clinical care, education and support to women as a private midwife, both in their homes and at Glengowrie Medical Centre. It is a privilege to walk alongside people at such an exciting, transformational time on their journey to parenthood.

2. You have been a midwife for over 25 years, what inspired you to step into your career path?

I can’t believe that it will be 30 years in 2024! I started Hello Baby! Midwifery about 3years ago. I could see that hospital staff were having to do more and more with less and less and I wanted to be able to provide women with the care they needed and deserved without the time constraints imposed by an employer. Repeated research has shown that ‘Continuity of Care’ by a midwife is the gold standard of care, and so I wanted to offer women more access to a known midwife. I love giving women the information they need to make the choice that’s right for them.

3.You have an incredible array of qualifications, tell us a little bit about all the ways you support families.

There is always something more to learn! The additional qualifications I undertook enables me to prescribe medications and request pathology and ultrasounds so that women can access these services very easily through me. It also means that my services generally attract a medicare rebate and private health insurance is not required. I offer pregnancy and postnatal care, and women birth with staff at their local public hospital.

It is useful to note that for migrant families who don’t have access to medicare, my services are significantly cheaper than attendance at public hospitals so there is less gap to pay and I can assist in liaising with the hospital.

Hmmm, what else… I offer both individual and group classes teaching couples different stretches and techniques that promote an easier and quicker birth (who doesn’t want that, right?).

Up to 30% of women have experienced significant challenges during their journey to parenthood, I offer a 3 step program to support their emotional recovery.

And in the last year I’ve been learning about both acuneedling for midwives and the importance of the microbiome for babies and I’ll be adding that to my services too.

4. A lot of people think of midwives as simply being there to support the pregnancy and birth of a baby. While this is a big part, you also can provide support postnatally too. Can you tell us a little bit about why parents may reach out again after the birth?

Women who have an uncomplicated birth in a public hospital are often discharged within 24hrs of the birth and receive 2-3 visits from a home visiting midwife. Women who birth with a private obstetrician often stay longer in hospital but usually return to the hospital for postnatal checks for themselves and their baby.

The first weeks and months after having a baby can be a very vulnerable time for families and having access to a midwife who can come to your home and check in on mum’s recovery and babe’s growth and feeding is gold. You don’t have to tidy up or get out of your PJs or fit baby into a Drs rooms appointment schedule. Additionally, having a trusted health care professional you can text or have telehealth appointments with gives such peace of mind.

Hot Tip: I’d encourage parents-to-be to give their future selves some love by booking in postnatal support before they have their bub!

5. What does a typical day in the life of Ros look like?

Every day is different! It might start in the middle of the night with a phone call from a family wondering if they’re in labour and needing reassurance and guidance. Daytime appointments can take me all over the city and surrounds (preferably past a good bakery or two) checking on pregnant mums or meeting new babies and their new parents and helping them with their feeding, development, and recovery. There is always admin, documentation and processing medicare rebates, often with some professional development or meetings thrown in for good measure.

6. Do you have a piece of advice or quote that has guided you along your business journey.

Great question! I don’t have a specific inspirational quote, my motivation comes more from knowing that we need to do better to provide personalised professional care for birthing families. If I have the skills and the knowledge to make a positive difference to someone’s perinatal experience, if I can support them to realise the strength within themselves to feel confident in their pregnancy, birthing and parenting choices then, ‘Why not?’! Sometimes all that is needed is someone to take the time to walk alongside couples, answer their questions and provide them with options they didn’t know existed… these things can make a massive difference.

7. What do you love most about living in the City of Marion?

I love its welcoming and relaxed vibe and convenient location. It just feels like home.

8. Where is your favourite café/eatery in the City of Marion to visit?

You do ask the tough questions! Delhi Spice Indian and Dumpling King are my favourite takeaways!

9. How can our Community get in touch? (pop any details, links here)

You can get in touch through my website, email, socials or just phone if you prefer.

FB and IG @hellobabymidwifery

Ph 0468575722

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