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Statement regarding manure bags on Morphettville footpaths

Thursday 27 Oct 2022
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Manure bag

The public distribution of manure bags from stables in the Morphettville Racecourse area has been a long-standing practice.

However, the City of Marion has recently received complaints from members of the public concerned about the manure bags being stacked in a manner that substantially blocked the footpath and created a hazard for pedestrians, particularly those with mobility issues. Residents also raised concerns about the amenity.

Acting on those complaints, the City of Marion has advised some stable owners to keep the bags of manure on their own property if they wish to distribute them to the public.

Keeping the bags on private property is considered to be a safer and more appropriate option.

Council will be looking to engage with the owners of the stables and local residents to consider a compromise to ensure that horse manure can be made available to the public.

Council appreciates that the community wants to use organic waste to fertilise gardens because it is good for the environment.

Stable owners do have an obligation to manage the waste on their properties in a responsible manner.

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