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Pre-Employment Declaration


Instructions to applicants:

To be eligible to receive an offer of employment within the City of Marion, you must complete a pre-employment declaration. You may also be required to agree to other pre-employment processes.

The information derived in this declaration and other pre-enrolment processes is necessary to assess the suitability of applicants to be offered employment in the City of Marion. It takes into account an applicant’s ability to perform the technical aspects of a role and the ethical obligations of a City of Marion employee. Some information is necessary to ensure the City of Marion and responsible officers of the City of Marion comply with their obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012. Some information is necessary to ensure City of Marion meet workplace diversity targets.

The information is collected and will be managed in accordance Council’s Records and Information Management Policy, SA State Records Act 1997 and SA Local Government Act 1999.

You should be aware that the definition of misconduct, includes providing a false statement in connection with an application for engaging as a City of Marion employee.

You must answer all of the following questions fully and truthfully. Attach pages as necessary.


The following question is designed to assist in ensuring you are fit to perform the duties of the role you have applied for; in ascertaining if any reasonable workplace adjustments are required in order for you to perform the inherent requirements of the role; and to assist the City of Marion in meeting obligations under the Work Health Safety Act 2012.

The question is also important as the City of Marion embraces Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

Do you currently have any disability (including learning disability) or medical condition which might prevent or impede you from being able to satisfactorily perform any duties or functions that might be reasonably required of you in the role for which you have applied?  

Please note, you will be required to participate in a medical and/or functional capacity evaluation in order to assist in assessing your suitability to be offered employment in the role at the City of Marion. If you do not agree to participate, you will not be further considered to receive an offer of employment.


City of Marion employees are under significant ethical obligations. In assessing whether it is appropriate to offer you employment in the City of Marion the following questions are important in assisting to assess your suitability to be offered employment.

Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offence, including road traffic offences not resolved by expiation?  


You are not required to divulge information about the spent conviction. A spent conviction is a criminal conviction that lapses either immediately or after a period of time pursuant to the provisions of the Spent Convictions Act 2009.

Are you currently facing criminal charges that are yet to be determined?  
Have you ever undergone Criminal History Screening and/or other relevant background or history assessments/ screening in the last three years?  

Please note: In addition to this declaration, you will be asked to agree to Criminal History or other background history screening or assessment. You will not be further considered for an offer of employment with the City of Marion if you do not agree to participate in such history or other background screening or assessment.If you are offered and accept employment in the City of Marion, it will be a condition of such employment that you agree to periodic history or background screening and assessment.


The following questions are also designed to assist in assessing your suitability for employment with the City of Marion with regard to the significant ethical obligations on City of Marion employees.  

Has your employment ever been terminated by any organisation or agency, for any reason?  
Have you ever been found to have committed misconduct or been performance managed in previous employment?  
Are you currently, the subject of an investigation or any other process relating to suspected or alleged misconduct?  


Have you taken a voluntary separation package from the City of Marion, in the last two years?  


Are you currently eligible to work in Australia?  


The City of Marion is committed to increasing employment opportunities for First Nations people at all levels within the organisation.

Do you identify with being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?