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Stormwater management plan

Traditionally stormwater has been managed as a nuisance and a hazard to be removed as quickly and cheaply as possible. The wisdom of a single focus consideration of stormwater is increasingly being questioned as community awareness grows about some of the adverse impacts of stormwater.

Council endorsed two Stormwater Management Plans (SMP) in 2013. Both of these have been developed to holistically manage the city’s stormwater runoff within their respective areas.

The plans identify the following:

  • Flood risks and associated mitigation measures.
  • Works and measures necessary for improving water quality.
  • Opportunities for Ecological and biodiversity improvements.
  • Investigations of further potential to harvest and re-use stormwater.

Many suburbs in Adelaide have a long history of flooding because the land is flat and close to sea level, and much of the stormwater infrastructure is ageing. Here in Marion we are lucky and the risk of flooding is not great.

The flood-plain maps thus far produced for two of the major areas in our city were created using computer modeling techniques. This modeling indicates where stormwater will flow in large storms up to a one-in-100 year rainfall event in key water catchment areas.

The initial analysis has found that a large proportion of the stormwater infrastructure is either in relatively good condition or is adequate. The detailed planning has enabled us to set aside significant funding to replace or upgrade our stormwater systems over the next 20 years.

Reducing stormwater pollution

There are a number of steps that residents can take to help reduce stormwater pollution, including washing cars responsibly, taking care when using fertilisers in the garden, disposing of litter responsibly, and not letting building materials blow away or be washed down the drain.

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