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Klippel Avenue Reserve, Trott Park

Klippel Avenue
This is an off-leash park where dogs can exercise off-leash, except within 5 metres of a playground, at a wetland or when organised sport is being played.

There are no toilets at this reserve. Find the nearest one on the National Public Toilet Map.

Notice of Works - Trott Park Trail

A trail will be constructed to link four Trott Park reserves - Reserve Street, Tyson Avenue, Scarvell Avenue and Klippel Avenue.

We are pleased to announce construction will begin Monday 18 March 2024. Works are expected to be completed in May 2024.

For details read the notice of works.

Trott Park Trail

Community Consultation was held in September 2023 to consider a trail through 4 reserves:

  • Tyson Avenue Reserve
  • Reserve Street Reserve
  • Scarvell Avenue Reserve
  • Klippel Avenue Reserve

The community were asked their preference from 3 options

  • Option 1: Trail only
  • Option 2: Trail with Australian art
  • Option 3: No trail

The preferred option from the consultation was Option 1.

Option 1 - Trail Only

Specific trail features include:

  • A longer trail than Option 2, running through the whole length of Tyson Avenue Reserve and connecting to the dog park entry near Rix Court
  • 4 x new bench seats
  • Increased tree and native planting

About the Reserve

Klippel Avenue Reserve in Trott Park is a local reserve. It has two bench seats under shady trees, a tap to fill your water bottle and some native planting.

There are pine trees along the boundary and horses in the adjacent stables will give you a friendly "neigh" (please admire them from afar).

Although there are no toilets at this reserve it's a short walk to Reserve Street Reserve via Scarvell Avenue Reserve (5 minutes, 400 metres). The toilets are located on the Adams Road side of Reserve Street Reserve.


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