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Community land management plans

Operating Assets

Land held to achieve the Council's operating objectives: Community Land Management Plan 1

(examples only - currently excluded from Community Land classification)

  • Administration building and surrounds
  • Depot buildings
  • Library buildings


Land held for commercial development or gain: Community Land Management Plan 2


  • The Domain (example only - not Community Land)

Community Facilities

Major community facilities: Community Land Management Plan 3

General community facilities: Community Land Management Plan 4

Minor community facility (limited usage or casual only): Community Land Management Plan 5


  • Halls
  • Community Centres
  • Golf Park
  • Neighbourhood Centres
  • Swimming Centre
  • Recreation Centre
  • Aged Accommodation
  • Aged Recreation
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Kindergartens
  • Child Health
  • Scouts / YMCA
  • Warriparinga

Sporting Facilities

Principal sporting or recreational facilities: Community Land Management Plan 6

General sporting or recreational facilities (organised usage): Community Land Management Plan 7

Minor sporting or recreational facilities (low utilisation or casual only): Community Land Management Plan 8


  • Multiple use sports grounds
  • Single use sports centres
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Casual basketball areas or non club tennis courts

General Land

Principal reserves: Community Land Management Plan 9

General reserves: Community Land Management Plan 10