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Charndra Pile

Visual arts
Adelaide SA


I do collaborative, social art works. These are developed with the

clients and created WITH the clients, so everyone has ownership of

wonderfully unique social art projects they create with me! There is a

lot of spontaneity with collaborative works - I set up the base ideas,

colour schemes and layouts, and the artwork evolves based on what people

individually bring to it, but as it is done socially, it transforms

from a blank wall or canvas into an eye-catchingly beautiful and

cohesive finished piece. At present I am working in internal and

external paints on murals, but also incorporate collage, 2D and 3D

elements into projects that are done inside.


I am a social artist with a strong passion for collaborative painting

experiences with groups of people from pre-schoolers, through school age

to adults and seniors. My key interest is developing unique creative

art projects bringing people together to paint socially. A High school

Art and Design teacher with extensive personal experience in ABA

behaviour support therapy, I am currently doing regular social art

projects at Marion Primary School OSHC and Vacation Care . Created three

collaborative, social art murals at local schools during the last part

of the 2020 pandemic year with some 140 people. Another recent highlight

has been an intergenerational art project with children at the Vacation

Care program and residents of the Marion Resthaven Retirement



My business name is 'Painting Around" as I am mobile and move around the

place, we paint around each other and often start with painting a round

circle! I have worked with groups of people from pre-schoolers, through

school age to adults and seniors, and various special needs

populations. Collaborative, social art is what I do - I don't come in,

design and colour in a mural - you paint it with me, I guide and

encourage you, and you build confidence while creating something unique

that you will be incredibly proud of, that will give you fond memories

of every time you look at it.

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