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Fariha Khaled

Mitchell Park SA


My art practice began with henna, and since then I've broadened my

specialty into ceramics, printmaking, embroidery, drawing and painting.


I'm a Muslim, Bengali-Australian artist born and raised in Sydney. My

art practice centres around mindfulness. It employs principles of

geometry, repetition, and is about taking basic forms and shapes, the

otherwise mundane, piecing it all together over extensive time periods

to create a beautiful unique whole. It is about not only seeing the end

goal, but being mindful and intentional with each step.


I've been a part of multiple exhibitions, and just completed my bachelor

of fine arts. I ran a successful henna business for 4 years and then

moved on to other mediums that focused more around commission work.

Currently I am available for commission work, I would love to create

with others and find homes for my artwork. I'd also love to do more

community work, teaching the skills I've learnt over the years.

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