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Makaela Nolan

Visual arts
Ascot Park SA


Acrylic paint and paint pens. My artwork often includes a mix of bright and earthy colours, native botanical, floral imagery, and abstract elements. Could be summarised as contemporary abstract with botanical and figurative elements.


I am an emerging visual artist and art therapist dedicated to fostering creativity, self-expression, and mental well-being within my community.
With roots in Whyalla and a background in nursing, my journey into art therapy was fueled by my passion for helping others, especially inspiring others to self-express through any creative means.

Currently studying Art Psychotherapy at IKON Institute in Adelaide (complete Bachelor August 2024), my artistic pursuits extend beyond the canvas, encompassing mural design, workshops, and commissioned artworks.

My artwork often includes bright and earthy colours, native botanical, floral imagery, and abstract elements, whilst also dabbling in textured art and many other mediums. My mission is to create inclusive spaces where individuals can explore and express themselves through art, promoting mental health and connection within the community and to nature itself. After having had the experience to work with Sair Bean the artist and amazing muralist last year, as a part of the Holdfast Bay zig-zag step mural, I have been so inspired to create more public art.


Participation in Zig-Zag Ramp mural youth week project with Sair Bean and City of Holdfast Bay muralist for the on the locations for ‘Frida X Diego City Art Trail’, which involved a large floral window mural at ‘Frida’s Sip n Paint’. Have also painted two stobie pole faces with abstract/ floral art in City of Charles Sturt.

Availability for commissions and interest in public art projects.

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