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Edible Garden

Edible Garden

For productive gardens growing fruit and vegetables.

Voting is open from 10 to 27 November 2022.

View all the submissions below and cast your vote here.

Edible Garden Entry #1 Wagtail Urban Farm

Wagtail is a community run, micro market garden, focussing on education and high food productivity with minimal inputs. Our main aim is to teach traditional food growing skills to as wide an audience as possible. No money is involved so people of any situation can be involved. We see folks from every walk of life come through the gates, empower themselves with new skills and take them away to teach other. We are currently growing Bananas, Papaya, nectarine, feijoa, guava, muntries, chocolate lilies, yam daisy, cabbage, Kale, corn, yarrow, sage, nasturtium, garlic, hops, sugar cane, leeks, spring onions, Asparagus, tomatoes, capsicum, basil, lettuce, chives, rhubarb, salvia, coltsfoot, saffron and sea-kale.

Edible Garden Entry #2 Parsons Villa

It is a tiny garden space adjacent our villa that provides us with fresh produce every day. We are aiming to have the ability to augment our diet with the freshest ingredients possible, and it gives me joy to work with plants and soil. We are currently growing leafy greens including pak choy, bok Choy and silverbeet; spring onions, leeks, tomatoes; sage, basil and two varieties of rosemary.

Edible Garden Entry 3# Murphra Garden

Our garden is our sanctuary; it is a labour of love. My partner and I have been working on our garden for 8 years. In that time, we have learned so much, mostly through trial and error. The garden is constantly evolving. It is enjoyed by not only us but by our families and friends, all of whom share in the food we produce. It feeds us, keeps us active and gives us a place to enjoy, connect with nature and with each other. We love it. The joy of sharing is the main aim of our garden. Whether sharing produce, knowledge, time/space and/or memories it is one of our favourite things about the garden. We are currently growing:

Fruit - citrus (lemon, lime, kaffir-lime, grapefruit), apples, pears, stone fruit (apricot, plum, peacherine, nectarine, peach), bananas, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, avocado, tomato.

Veg - lettuce, kale, corn, eggplant, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, tromboncino, zucchini, beans/peas, leek, celery, spring onion.

Herbs - parsley, sage, thyme, basil, chives, garlic, lemongrass, lemon verbena, memory herb, mint, peppermint.

Edible Garden Entry #4 Munting Hardin

Our garden is where we bond as a family and my kids get involved in what to plant. It so satisfying to watch them grow from seeds then to harvesting. We aim to have organic produce all year round that I can share with friends.

Edible Garden Entry #5 The Wild Patch

Originally a bare grass lawn, we have converted it into an edible garden. We are endeavouring to be as organic as possible and apply the permaculture principles as best we can. We have also set up a community library and give away our excess produce to our neighbours. We aim to grow our own vegetables to reduce our carbon footprint. We would like to learn how to grow food in a sustainable way that doesn’t negatively affect the environment. We also just love to garden and enjoy sharing the produce with our neighbours. We have an olive, lime and apricot tree. We have asparagus and strawberries. We have just planted capsicum, tomatoes, basil, chillies, eggplant, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, silver beet, kale, cucumber, green beans and loads of parsley. There are plenty of wild poppies and nasturtium as well as a variety of perennial flowers to attract bees. We are also planting soybeans to replenish the nitrogen in the soil. There is also a small area for native bushes to help with native bird life.

Edible Garden Entry #6 Luna's Joy

We are trying to create an area that beautifies our home and community while integrating a natural environment into our home. We are enjoying creating an area which our children and their friends love playing and spending time in. Our veggie garden provides us with food which we either enjoy eating or swapping for other veggies with friends from our neighbourhood. We are trying to develop our edible natives area particularly to broaden our selection of native plants and also strengthen our connection to Australian vegetation and, with guidance, our understanding of indigenous bush tucker. We also love having friends visiting us, who’s kids also enjoy playing in the garden and picking veggies. Our veggie garden has helped us meet people in our community through swapping veggies, sharing gardening tools, gardening advice and success (and failure) stories!